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**UPDATED W/ FORM FILLABLE** New Version of My Character Sheet

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**UPDATED W/ FORM FILLABLE** New Version of My Character Sheet
Here is a new version of a character sheet I've been working on. The idea behind the project is the ability to cut/fold the secondary morph sheet so that when you switch morphs, you simply slide the folded sheet in place overtop of your main character sheet and cover up your original morph on the front and back. When you switch morphs again, either you remove it, or overlay another secondary morph sheet. The Psi abilities are also currently on a second sheet by themselves. It's a page I feel needs more work. Thoughts, suggestions. .
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It's a good character sheet.
It's a good character sheet. In second edition not as necessary as in 1st. Buuut if you use a lot of forks it will really shine IMO.
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Looks nice!
Looks nice!
A slight smell of ions....
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I spotted a typo
Hello. The sheet looks good. There is a missing "T" in "GENDER IDENTITY" on the first page, upper left. Cheers.
dragonmarkeddm dragonmarkeddm's picture
Thanks for the catch, I'll
Thanks for the catch, I'll get it updated
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Thanks so much for the form
Thanks so much for the form fillable! Yay!
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This is great--printed out
This is great--printed out copies for my group's EP2 game tonight! Pretty darn snazzy idea.
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dragonmarkeddm dragonmarkeddm's picture
Glad you are finding it
Glad you are finding it useful. Let me know if you find any errors or any ideas for improvements. Maybe even something that could be added to the Psi sheet, or maybe on the back of the psi sheet.
dragonmarkeddm dragonmarkeddm's picture
Anybody Used them In game yet
Was curious if anyone tried them out in a game yet? Our next game isn't for another 2 weeks so I've yet to use them myself at the game table and was curious if anyone ran into any issues?
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I suck at layouts.
I won't get a chance to use them for a while, but I've been wondinring if it'd make sense to break the skills list into seperate chucks by attribute, and then have the lists in blocks of two with the appropriate Pool value attached?
In the past we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few. But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again?
dragonmarkeddm dragonmarkeddm's picture
I certainly don't see any
I certainly don't see any problems with that particular line of thinking for a sheet. Off the top of my head I don't think it would jive with my core concept of having a sheet to add on top of your base sheet for when you resleeve, or at least I don't think it would, however I can take a look and see if I can come up with something similar to what your are asking. Unless I'm able to line up the pools on the morph sheet so they align with the skill list on the base sheet. That might work.
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Active Skills.
I keep going "Where are all the other active skills?" That's a lot of skills I see missing that were on the old sheet.
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It certainly is trimmed down
It certainly is trimmed down alot. As the GM, I certainly appreciate this when calling for skill checks.
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I mean..a lot. It feels like a lot of the customization was gutted honestly. It can be pretty rough when you cluster things into a single grouping. Sure, it reduces the complexity a bit, but it also can feel like it's getting dumbed down or over-simplified. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
dragonmarkeddm dragonmarkeddm's picture
I do appreciate that they
I do appreciate that they keep the idea of Fields, which still widens the skill groups a little more, plus Specializations. So certainly you can use specializations to make your character better at certain weapon types ect.. and field skills to give a wider breath to characters abilities. But I do understand where you are coming from from a player perspective and customization choices. The Know skills are still a relevant thing too and for the most part pretty much the same as before so there is customization there as well.
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There is still a lot of specialization, and characterization involved. My biggest fear with alterations in new editions is that someone will get the idea that making everything as easy to do as possible is a good idea. Otherwise known as "D&D4e." xD
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I actually appreciate the
I actually appreciate the smaller pool of skills for a few reasons. The first was that a lot of skills covered fairly similar things, so that often meant you needed to spend oodles of points to not be some weird character who's literally only skilled at a very niche thing in a skillset. The second was that with so many skill options it could be difficult as a newer player to figure out what skills were really needed or not. A lot of the skill simplifications take a lot of the more unused skills of 1st edition like swimming or gunnery and merge them with more commonly used skills. Besides, if you REALLY want a more diverse set of skills, that's what Exotic Skill is for. Take animal handling to your heart's content.
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I love the new character
I love the new character sheet. I'm about to start a new EP2 game This Monday. Have you considered adding a gear points box?
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