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Unofficial EP Discord

tl;dr: Desiring for an open discussion to try to bring more players to discussion and speak in an open setting using the glory that is Discord, I have made one at the following link:


Well, the goal here is pretty straightforward. Between the Eclipse Phase subreddit and various gaming forums, our small population of players is pretty split up. Furthermore, conversations here tend to be a little slow at times, possibly due to the back and forth.

Now, I have seen that there are already a few scattered Discords focused on persistent worlds and want to avoid stepping on any toes, but I would like to make a Discord focused on open discussion of the game and system rather than focused on looking for roleplaying groups. While I would not object to the server being used for RP in the future, I really just want somewhere to talk to other players who love the wonderful setting that has been crafted for us to enjoy!

I would love to hear what people think of the idea (and talk to people on Discord) and I hope to see it grow like I have seen many such projects grow in recent times. I think it will be a good way to foster a thriving community and be able to have some riveting discussion!

The name, of course, comes from the Firewall server infrastructure - I dare not name it the Eclipse Phase Official Discord without any backing. But I DO dare to make it sound fancy and in-character, even if it isn't!

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Well. Have fun. I'm not that

Well. Have fun. I'm not that interested. At least not until I learn more about this. Still, I'm a little worried about this splitting the community that is still here.

Yeah. EP forums can get slow at times. I'm not sure what the cause is. Traditionally when a new book is released, these forums get busy for a while. Unfortunately, the last book didn't cause a whole lot of activity.

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Well, part of it is the

Well, part of it is the community is split across a whole bunch of individual sites. My thought behind trying to get an unofficial Discord is mainly due to additional functionality:

1. Discord has free voice servers, invaluable if people wish to run a game. So this might bring people together in a way that allows for that, though it is not my main focus at this time.

2. Discord has built-in messaging and is more of an IRC style chat. This allows for more back and forth communication.

I think it really adds to the existing community. There are some things forums are good for and some things that chats are good for. This really pushes more in the direction of the latter, where there is even less centralization.

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so I see there havenot been

so I see there havenot been replies.

do you have many games running? did many join your discord?

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This discord group is a tiny bit active. We dont do a lot of general talking and games get ran spontaniously. I played a game recently, were we acciedently destroyed Venus. That was the bad ending.

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If you just want a thing that has text chat and group support, telegram might be a better choice. The group that back it are a non-profit, and the software itself is open-source, which might help entice people. ;)

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Telegram's awesome, but big

Telegram's awesome, but big groups there tend to be a much bigger clusterf*ck than on Discord.

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I'm a little shocked that

I'm a little shocked that more general discussion of the game doesn't go on here. You'd think the official forums would make a prime place to do so.