University Mobile App Class Project

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University Mobile App Class Project

Hello everyone,

Um, this is my first time posting here, and I have been doing a decent amount of reading into this
since I discovered this and I love the concepts coming from this game and its lore.

The thing is, is that I am studying in college (Computer Science [^w^] ) and in this time I have taken a good interest in learning how to program smartphone apps so i thought, why not make an app for this game?

In one of my classes they asked me to run down some quick statistics related to this project in which i made this short and very brief form (link will be down below) and I would like to ask a favor if you guys could fill it out.

This is a project in its initial stages and ideas would be nice, and this info would benefit us very
well. Please and thank you and I would like to hear some ideas or suggestion that you would like for this app (^_^) you can pm me if needed. <---(google form)