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Unidentified Distress Beacon

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Unidentified Distress Beacon
>Transmission intercepted. Scanning... >Quantum encryption detected. Decrypting... >Decryption complete. 44 percent content obtained. -------------- This is an automated distress beacon, transmitting from coordina- *Sudden shot of static* Am I in? Great. CORMORANT, if you're still there then we have a serious problem. Containment has failed and three of my team are KIA. Status of VULTURE is unknown but likely compromised. I've managed to hole myself up in a safe location. Repeat, containment has failed and entire habitat is compromised. I'm preparing to transmit my team's egos now. Make sure you have them secured behind a firewall the moment they- *Section unobtainable* -whole situation went to hell. I don't know what happened. One moment the containment was secure, the next the whole hab went haywire. HAWK was gone in seconds. I think I may have killed SEAGULL; dumb rookie ran straight into my gunfire. I'm glad I routed my suit control through that ecto you gave me, or else- *Encryption failure* -wonder where VULTURE is? I have no way of contacting him, I cut off all links with the squad to avoid infection. And what good did it do? Now I'm backed up into a corner, no way out except via the hab's antennae. I told Firewall this'd be my last run... *bitter laughter* Looks like I was right. At least the old hound never caught up with my though. This'll deny him the satisfacti- *Failed to load section* -small things. What do I care? I'm gonna be part of something larger. Something more- *Encryption failure* -bliss. Join us. --------------
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The dark between stars
"Could that sweet Darkness where they dwell Be once disclosed to us The clamor for their loveliness Would burst the Loneliness"
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