Unconventional Avenues

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Unconventional Avenues

Since the first two tribes of H. Sapiens sapiens met, Man has had a dream: Killing the other guy, taking his stuff, and having sex with his wife. To do this, Man used all kinds of tools, including rocks, sticks, and rocks tied to sticks.

Then, someone started to have ideas. These pernicious things led to all sorts of odd ideas, like other uses for rocks and sticks, like cutting down trees to drop on people who don't have ideas when they come to hit you with rocks.

So that's what this thread is for: Ideas on how to improve on hitting people with a tree, metaphorically speaking.

To start off with an example, I suggest the idea of hacking someone's smart clothing. Endless possibilities here: You can turn them into a gigantic target by making them glow, or even potentially make their suit go rigid and seize up, making movement difficult.

How do you get an advantage on your opponent in something other than the traditional way?

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