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Ultimates economy
Ultimates economy what economy do the ultimats run on in there own society. for all the detail of there philosophy, organization, habitats, sub factions and rank structures given in the books. i cant work out if they use the credit, some other currency or a pure reputation economy.
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Not in the core book
I think one of the supplements gave them their own Reputation, "U-Rep", that is pretty much only worth anything on Xiphos.
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I always assumed that,
I always assumed that, outside the Rep system, the Ultimates would basically have a very tightly regulated command economy, sort of like the economy you'd expect a modern day army to have if its logistics never had to come into contact with the free market. They don't care if they've got fabbers and access to the raw materials of entire moons, they are not anarchists dagnabbit, and they will not put up with everyone hoarding a bunch of whimsical crap or printing out their own flamethrowers whenever they feel like it.
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I see them as a capitalistic economy, with moderate to heavy taxes going to strong "citystates" that are heavily involved all aspects of society. Providing consumer goods and services is close to a free market, public contracts are a different matter. Imagine the US military industrial complex but also with states and general-politicians holding shares in the corporations.
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They mostly use rep, unless
They mostly use rep, unless they're somewhere they need money, in which case they use money. The Ultimates are all about practicality. Among themselves, oddly, I see them as being a little like the Federation in Star Trek in their economic philosophy -- focusing on self-enrichment above all else -- minus the concern for those outside their own faction. They would tend to look down on the accumulation of wealth except as a means to an end. Or, if you like, maybe think of them as being like the feudal Japanese samurai caste, with its total scorn for merchants.
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that's actually quite close
that's actually quite close to what i decided to run with this morning, i needed to commit. they will participate in whatever economy they are surrounded by. between themselves it is a pure rep economy using U-Rep and social pressure to limit "softness". favors to aid in self improvement would be acceptable (training manuals, implants that make you better at what you do, 50,000 target rounds a day) favors for comfort would want to be less common. (comfortable furniture, fine wine, implants to make you more attractive)