Ultimates' Attitudes to AGIs and Uplifts

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Ultimates' Attitudes to AGIs and Uplifts
A quick question for the assemblage, if I may: The Ultimates are very much human-centric in attitude. They aim to meet, extend and exceed human capacity in whatever fields they deem worthy of attention. They seek to drive out humanity's weaknesses, by a variety of methods, and look to make sure that humanity is fit to survive. Of course, transhumanity is more than just human. AGIs and uplifts are also part of hone equation, and I'm left wondering where they stand in the worldview. Obviously, limited AIs are a part of their tech base a much as anyone else's, but how are the more advanced non-humans thought of? For reference, Ultimate controlled Aspis is noted as having a ban on AGIs (local or group policy?), and by core rules Ultimates "May not start with Flat, Splicer, uplift, or pod morphs", but have no mention of prohibiting infolife or uplift characters.
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My guess? They're more
My guess? They're more accepting of mercurials than sapients. The overhumanist branch, probably less so, but iconics might find those uplifts and AGIs striving to carve out their own separate identity admirable. Whether that admiration is as equals or the same way we admire a, say, a particularly keen example of an animal species, that probably depends on the ultimate in question. But I don't imagine a group focusing on (their interpretation of) perfecting the human species being much impressed by the sapient movement for assimilation.
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My take is that Ultimates are
My take is that Ultimates are aiming to create a supreme "human" form. While they could see tactical uses of uplift morphs for certain tasks, I very much doubt any would adopt one for any length of time. Infolife could be anywhere from useful tools to bodiless agents working towards the cause. I guess non-Ultimate uplifts might earn respect from sheer competence. Same with infolife.
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there is also a high degree
there is also a high degree of risk that an ultimate may wind up as infolife depending on how long the queue is for a remade after getting killed