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Ultimate Uplifts
As far as I can see, you can be an Uplift as background, and Ultimate as faction. This raises some questions: 1)Is this correct? Are Ultimates all about Human superiority, or Human+Human Uplifts+Human AI superiority? 2)If uplifts can become Ultimates, should there be a Remade version of the uplift morphs? Or is the fact that they are uplifts already placing them closer to the Remade than to the Splicer? 3)How does that affect the image of Ultimates? The promise that they would accept anyone who internalises their ideals and strives for personal excellency? Would that potentially make them a potential alternative of Mercurials? A movement that promises equality and commonality - where all members of trans-humanity can struggle toward a common goal? Personally, I think this could be a cool angle to explore. Ultimates already give a bit of an "fascist cult of personality" vibe, along with their "ruthless, immaculate warrior-monks" image. Adding a little extra something to make them seem even more morally ambivalent and post-human feels proper. But is it intended? Is it canon?
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I think the Ultimates usually
I think the Ultimates usually don't like uplifts and AGIs. Mostly because they're not self-made. To an Ultimate, all skills have to be earned. Nothing is free. An uplift is the result of someone else making an animal smarter - that's not self-reliance. Furhtermore, uplifts are often slaves and Ultimates don't like people who aren't in charge of their own destiny. Same with AGIs, they are coded and indocrinated into skills that aren't their own choosing. If it fails, they're deleted and the process started over. Like uplifts, they aren't in charge of their own fate nor did they really "earn" their skills the hard way. That isn't to say there can't be uplifts or AGIs, they just have more to prove I would say.
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How about an AGI that was a
How about an AGI that was a basic AI but achieved sapience on its own? ^_^
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nizkateth wrote:How about an
nizkateth wrote:
How about an AGI that was a basic AI but achieved sapience on its own? ^_^
Yeah... those tend not to end well. No human socialization leads to an alien individual who's values and personality are far removed from transhuman norms (to the point that such an origin is considered unsuitable for player characters in "Transhuman"). As for an Ultimate uplift/AGI, they would have a lot to prove, but there probably have been a few that have/could. I don't recall any example in cannon, but neither do I remember anything saying that Ultimates are violently opposed to the idea. I think most uplifts/AGI with the independent mindset that characterizes the Ultimates would go mercurial, but not all. Remade development was quite an undertaking and it is unlikely that the Ultimates bothered putting in the resources to make any "remade" uplift morphs. That said, highly augmented uplift bodies would probably be popular with Ultimate uplifts, they just wouldn't have a standardized morph with 40 characteristic maximums (leading some to just switch to Remades).
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generally no, no uplifts ..
One of the three factions of ultimates support uplift and AGI recruitment and want more association with the mainstream trashumans fearing stagnation if they remain so isolationist, but as of yet it hasn't happened, and isn't acceptable. If there was an uplift ultimate, I would assume someone in that faction is expirementing against the decree and philosophy of Manu and the controlling exarchs...
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