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Twstied game ideas

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Twstied game ideas
Hi all, Just listing a few ideas of the different challenges I want to put my players in. If you ran something similar tell me! - 13th floor - VR creation is tracking a Infomorph killer. The killer is is own creator, he realizes that he could switch is EGO with is creator and take control of is morphs. Either have a PC be the created or the PC prevent the created from liberating all the fictional characters in morphs. The creator is a horror-scifi writer. - Enemy Mine - The PC after a gate crash find themselves trapped on a very hostile planet, the trouble is they are at war with one another, all members of different ideological factions and they did not "land" near the gate. The world is under constant meteorite falls, the ecosystem is hard and ruthless. Resources are scarce but they are survivalists and they all realize they need to work together to find the gate and get back, who is the lucky survivor to make it? What will the unlucky ones find? - The perfect world - The PC after a gate crash. Something very wrong is happening, they all resleeved within one of those moronic looking native, there is no way out. The natives don't react ever, they look like vegetable yet there is many of them, hidden sometimes on caves other times in small primitive enclaves. This extremely hostile planet now looks like heaven to any one with the native morph, in fact anyone in a native body must make a constant will fight not to simply stop, rest and relax. This is just perfect, the nature is beautiful, the morph take anything they need from the environment automatically, one could be immortal and just sit and stare at the sun for eons... More and more of the local colonist are doing it, offing themselves to reseelve in a native but the number don't match, are the natives waking up? Why is the sun so attractive, looking at it for hours, thinking about so many things that you usually don't, yes lets prey with the natives, lets dance in complicated logarithmic pattern for the sun, lets commune with it... RESLEEVE, we have lost contact with the colony you are managing, this is your most recent backup held by Firewall, you haven been gone for a few weeks... - Total Recall - You are at the head office, you are arming your squad, the WMD are ready, you all know each other. + Ruthless, merciless, efficient killers, the highest bidder is your master. + A meeting room, some mission, stealing data, easy enough. + mission was successful, here is the rewar... (automated trigger "sleeper" fork merge activated by muse) + You are sentinels, very high level dangerously efficient sentinels, clean and destroy all Titan resurrectionist cult members.
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Re: Twstied game ideas
What about one where the characters realize they are inside a TITAN - they were uploaded during the Fall or a failed Firewall mission and have been living in a simspace ever since.
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Re: Twstied game ideas
Harlan Pit: A prison or trap which involves those in it being sleeved in utterly useless morphs. Named for Harlan Ellison, author of 'I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream'. These are worse than flats, worse than zeroes, worse than cases. They are simply incapable physically of escaping, or even bettering their stay in any way. They are most often permitted to have the full spectrum of human sensory experience, but without the means to manipulate or communicate with their surroundings. Uplifted or chimeric animals are usually used, but pods of almost any shape or size can be used, so long as they are not capable of meaningful, human level interaction with the environment. In the case of sleeving ego-prisoners in animals, they may be housed with natural examples of the animals. They usually have a cortical stack, to allow the wardens to resleeve them after death, and they rarely have even basic mesh access. The term is usually used to describe the real-world use of 'nerfed' morphs to house egos, but if such a situation is allowed to exist in simulspace it could also apply. I know this is needlessly wasteful compared to hacking an ego for information, or using simulspace tortures. I would imagine some polity or corps could sleeve enemies in such a way, to keep them out of harms way, unable to act against them, and yet on (semi-)public display to discourage others.