The Twilight Zone

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The Twilight Zone

A while back I saw this one episode of The Twilight Zone, "Trade Ins", and thought of how practically any faction in EP could use it as propaganda.

In summary, an elderly couple go to a clinic that offers to transfer their minds into new, young bodies, but they only have enough money for one of them. In the end, they decide not to rejuvenate either one of them.

Full Episode:

Now, the Jovian and non-capitalist Autonomist spins are kind of obvious. One would use the show to argue against immortality, and the other to proclaim the evils of capitalism.

But there's one line in the episode that the Consortium and Extropians could latch onto. When they find out the pricetag, the husband offers to take out a loan and go back to work to pay for his wife's new body (it was the 50s), but the company is barred by law from accepting credit, they're only allowed to take cash. In other words, indenture could have enabled them both to live forever.