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Truth of the Fall Comes Out

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Truth of the Fall Comes Out
Simply put I have a idea for a homebrew that came about from two thoughts, what if the TITANs weren't responsible for the fall. And what if irrefutable proof of it came to light across the entire solar system. Simply put, everything that what attributed to the TITANs. The nanoswarms, the exsurgent virus, and the autowarfare systems were in reality developed by the best minds across the solar system and was unleashed across the solar system against their enemies. And the TITANs are just that Total Information Tactical Awareness Networks, the best spy programs in the solar system. And everyone has their hands dirty for the fall. Resulting in them covering up their involvement and creating the myth of the TITANs. And it can happen again. The Argonauts have their original copies of the Exsurgent virus which they use to create vaccines for Exsurgent viruses that have evolved passed the original. The Jovian Junta has a original TITAN spy program to prevent memetic infiltration and to keep their citizens in line. The Extropians have a wide variety of biological weapons which they study to cure evolved strains of said bioweapons. The Consortium have the nanoswarms that they study to find a way to shut them down. The Ultimate have the fractal war machines that they fight against to both better themselves and to destroy the existing war machines. And the Titans have the info warfare systems which they use to defend their populace and alliance against hostile infowar attacks. Right now I am having trouble on how would the factions react to such a shock and the political clusterfuck such a revelation came. I am thinking that they are forced to face the fact that as long as they are hostile to one another another fall will come, so it means that they have to deescelate severely to stop it from coming. Or they will blame each other resulting in a second fall and the aftermath of such a event.
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Well, its your game your
Well, its your game your universe. So do whatever you want. I will say that the TITANs, do magic. Its not that the TITANs are like 50 years ahead of transhumanity, they're a million years a head, a billion. They have such a mastery of reality, that they can do nearly whatever they want. They have FTL, they can make Wormholes, they break thermodynamics, they probably hard crack P=NP problem even though current understanding is in real life is pointing to P!=NP. The other thing with deciding this was done human actors, is that human actors have to be rational. They had to have a reason for what they did, and a reason why they stopped. And there no rational reason for the Fall. Or at least no rational reasons that Transhuman can attempt to comprehend. the TITANs are alien minds in the truest sense of the world. Its not orange and blue morality, its I cant even think of an analogy. There was nothing good about the Fall. Transhumanity, thanks to being immortal wont ever culturally live it down. There will always victims of the Fall. There will always be scars of the Fall.