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TriTac as Source Material

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TriTac as Source Material
One of my hobbies is I really enjoy converting materials from different game systems to whatever system I'm current working on. I was flipping thru different game systems looking for aliens to convert over, so I'd have them ready when I wanted to use them in my campaign... and I realized that I had a great source for starships in eclipse phase. They've also got some great star system generation rules. TriTac (old school gaming) had put out a game called FLT2448 and its got a ton of great resources (if you ignore the basic D&D style character generation) http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d91/thefantasymuseum/Tome%20of%20Treas... While they have a ton of aliens (and yes, I'll be converting them), they also have some great rules for starship design which looks very much like scum barges (just ignore the FTL drives), and some great rules for star system generation for gatecrashing. Anyone else ever look thru this system for ideas?
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Re: TriTac
I haven't used this system, but I often look to Transhuman Space, GURPS: Space, Jovian Chronicles and even Traveller for inspiration and ship designs. Unfortunately, in most sci-fi games, starship tech is usually synonymous with anti-grav, so ship designs rarely reflect its lack.
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TriTac? Monster Squash/EP conversion. Get on it. :)
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