Travel time - How long does it take?

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Travel time - How long does it take?
As I was creating a fan page for the Jovian Republic I noticed something disturbing, there is a potential that any two Jovian moons could be as far as 47.7 million km away from each other. This means it will take roughly 3 min for a message to travel between these moons (if Jupiter wasn't in the way of course) and much longer to travel (not far cast as this is the Jovian Republic). My question is, if one of Jupiter's moons are being invaded by some outside force (take your pick, the Jovians have LOTS of enemies), and the local garrison was completely wiped out, how long would it take for re-enforcements to arrive in the system using non FTL travel?
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Re: Travel time - How long does it take?
Well, we know the fastest ships available in EP, fast couriers with anti-matter drives, can get up to 0.005c, or approximately 1.5 million m/sec. That's four times faster than a standard courier, which puts them at 375,000 m/sec, or 1.35 million km/hour, which covers 47.7 million km in a little under 35 and a half hours. The description of destroyers doesn't tell us how fast they go, but they also use anti-matter drives, so it really depends on how much slower you assume destroyers are than couriers.
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Re: Travel time - How long does it take?
I know that there's been a web application for travel times, but could somebody make a spread sheet with travel time between habitats and planets? that'd be really handy to have especially for Scum PCs
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Re: Travel time - How long does it take?
I'm not a huge space nut, but don't the distances change as things move? :) The max possible distance between Jovian moons stays the same, but you couldn't just make a spreadsheet for travel times of everything.
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Re: Travel time - How long does it take?
You can make use of average or median distances. I did a PDF of distances and communications lags, Travel times depends a lot on how much fuel reserves you want; the stated max velocities in EP contain these assumptions and you can just divide the distance with the velocity to get travel time. (Remember that 1 AU is 149,598,000 km) See also this thread,