Transhumans in Tucson LFG

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Transhumans in Tucson LFG

connection established...

Uplink Engaged.

malAI filters green.

... He1l0 W0r1d!

Not everything...

...can be up to Firewall's preferred requirements, but sometimes when transhumanity itself hangs in the balance, beggars can't be choosers, and even the lowest of the furthest corners of the system become potential recruits.

Existential Threats approach. Your readiness is irrelevant.

Hello World, indeed. I am searching for other EP players in the Tucson or Southern Arizona area. I can't say anything specific about games, but schedules and all that are negotiable. Right now, I'm simply eager to find other fans and potential players to foster the fanbase for the game in town.

Also, if you happen to be in town for RinCon, I'm trying to get together some limited EP presence at the convention, even if it's just a bunch of hard-SF fans standing around and OMGing about how appealing the Eclipse Phase continuity is and batting around great story ideas.

If you're eager to play in the deserts of Southern Arizona, leave a reply, or toss an E-mail to transhumantucson AT

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