Transhumanity's Fate is Here!

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Transhumanity's Fate is Here!

Transhumanity's Fate is now available on DriveThruRPG for only $9.99!

Transhumanity's Fate is a 144-page full-color rulebook that brings technothriller espionage and horror in the world of Eclipse Phase to the Fate Core system.

Join Firewall, and defend transhumanity in the aftermath of near annihilation by artificial intelligence.

Transhumanity's Fate is authored by Ryan Macklin and Jack Graham, and is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

The print version of Transhumanity's Fate will be available this summer.

Transhumanity's Fate Dedication
The Posthumans dedicate this book to Jef Smith, our companion of many days & nights around the table.

Jef was a tireless organizer in Chicago's science-fiction/fantasy fandom, including the Think Galactic reading group and the spin-off convention, Think Galacticon. In 2015, he co-published the Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology with PM Press.

We will miss Jef's encouragement, wit, and bottomless generosity. The person who lives large in the lives of their friends is not soon forgotten.

A portion of profits from Transhumanity's Fate will be donated to Jef's family.

Gen Con Gamemasters!
We're looking for new volunteers to run Eclipse Phase games (of both the regular and Fate flavors) at Gen Con in Indianapolis this summer. We pay our GMs with cash and some complimentary materials. If you're interested in spending some time running Eclipse Phase for us, please email!

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Hey cool, are you planning a

Hey cool, are you planning a print version?

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Buddel wrote:Hey cool, are

Buddel wrote:
Hey cool, are you planning a print version?

As the post says, it will be available this summer!