Transhuman Kickstarter Questions

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Transhuman Kickstarter Questions

Hello a bunch of us in the kickstarter (if you go and look at the comments section) are wondering what's going on concerning the release of transhuman hard copy and the hack pack which appears to not have been sent out.

Additionally a few of us (Me included) have not got some PDF's from our pledge which are already done before Transhuman specifically "copy of the Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook PDF for yourself or someone else, Sunward and Rimward PDFs & Hack Packs". Clearly either the PDF codes were not sent or some thing has gone wrong on one side or another I have asked these questions (More concerned about the missing Core book, sunward, rimward and hack packs as the other stuff I understand may be delayed or not ready yet) early last month and about a week ago via the kickstart page but I have not heard anything.

Helllooo Posthuman whats going on? Can you please send the "copy of the Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook PDF for yourself or someone else, Sunward and Rimward PDFs & Hack Packs" etc? According to my pledge I am supposed to get a complete copy of the pdf's on a usb and a copy sent to me digitally to do with as I will (I planed to gift them to other people) amongst other things!


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I posted this over on the

I posted this over on the Kickstarter comments earlier today [Mon, Sept 9th], but for anyone passing by this thread who hasn't seen my comment there:

Hey all,

A few quick updates:

* We (I) am behind on communications and our shipping schedule has slipped. For that, we apologize, but we are hard at work behind the scenes on core rewards and stretch goals.

* I am working on a _big_ update with shipping status news, stretch goal news, etc. Expect to see that in a few days.

* If you are still owed a PDF/electronic goodie of any sort (Core, Transhuman, Sunward, Rimward, Sunward Hack Pack, Rimward Hack Pack), please contact me at adam @ and I'll sort it out ASAP.

* The Transhuman Hack Pack is not yet available; I'll cover it in the update this week.


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Thanks for the update Adam.

Thanks for the update Adam.

Can I suggest that it might be better to post it in the Kickstarter updates rather than comments? Updates are emailed to backers, but you have to keep checking back to see if comments have been added to.

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I'm working on a big,

I'm working on a big, comprehensive update. Once that's posted, I'll be sticking to a regular update schedule until we've wrapped all rewards + stretch goals.

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Any updates? I haven't see

Any updates? I haven't see anything come across and still are missing some PDFs. Private email sent last week.

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I posted several updates to the KS page recently. If those don't answer your questions, please email me: adam @ and I'll get your stuff sorted out. :-)

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A couple of questions....

A couple of questions....

Once you deliver the hard back copy are you going to notify to the individual backers? I would like to be notified if is not a big problem.

I´m from Spain and the last time I bought something in Drivethru, for some reason it was a hell to get the package at my home, they had to resend it to me like 3 times. So once you send it I´ll be rether gratefull if you send me an email or something with the day the package left the storehouse and an aproximation of the delivery time, or a tracking number for the package.

thanks alot

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kowalzcky wrote:
Once you deliver the hard back copy are you going to notify to the individual backers? I would like to be notified if is not a big problem.

Especially since I'd be receiving a bunch of hardbacks due to the add-ons.

The last KS update I received said that the expected shipping dates were in the last week of September... although it did also say that it wasn't guaranteed to happen.

I'll wait patiently, but it would be great to have another KS update when the shipping has started.

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Any movement on the

Any movement on the Singularity software? I have been using (and loving) jmobius' spreadsheets for character creation, but it's still a pretty big hurdle to clear for new players. Last I heard it the software was functional, but missing data?

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I too am curious about the progress of Singularity. The last blog update over at Snow Dog was two months ago.

Thermonuclear Banana Split - A not-really-weekly Eclipse Phase campaign journal.

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Quick answers:

Quick answers:

* No, backers are going to get individual notifications about when shipments go out. Sorry!

* Singularity is proceeding, both on Snow Dog's end and the work on our side for getting the beta out to backers. It's the first electronic project that we'll be delivering from our website instead of from DriveThruRPG, so we have a few more logistics to work on. (But they're good, because it's building architecture for future stuff, too!)

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Hi Adam, can you give us an update on Singularity? As a backer, I'd appreciate getting a realistic sense of progress?