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Transhuman Errata Thread

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Shambleau wrote:Is there an
Shambleau wrote:
Is there an official compilation of Erratas? I couldn't find one anywhere. Are there plans to prepare one?
Our standard practice is to compile and release errata for a book when we are about to reprint it, or when the printing of another book makes a correction necessary. Since Transhuman's release (note that many of the posts in this thread were before the most recent PDF release), we haven't seen anything so horribly wrong that we've felt the need to wade in and issue errata.
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As we head into the era where
As we head into the era where we release every Eclipse Phase first edition title as print on demand: if you have seen any other items in Transhuman that require correction or clarification, please post them in this thread!
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Morph creation step 12. It
Morph creation step 12. It mentions what to do if the morph is less than 20 cp, or if it is more than 20 cp, but it doesn't say what to if the morph is 20 cp. I recommend that 20 cp be treated the same as less than 20 cp. Its also note worthy that flexbots don't seem to follow this rule. None of the flexbot models have social stigma. Maybe you should mention that in the rules.