trans-Neptunian objects

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trans-Neptunian objects
Does human expansion into Sol space also include the trans-Neptunian objects? Looked them up again the other day... man the're breeding like rabbits! That's when it occured to me that there could be a whole other solar system just in the outskirts without having to take the nearest wormhole! Travel time not involving egocasting is probably a looonnggg ride no matter how advanced the tech and who knows what is out there, TITAN loners, Exsurgent unpleasantries, Mi-Go planning retribution for reclassifying their home as a humble "dwarf planet" :)
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Yes, there are a few

Yes, there are a few transhuman outposts in the Kuiper Belt and some brinker/out'ster and exhuman types that prefer the life of solitude that far out from the sun.

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