[off topic?] question for programmers about character data storage

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[off topic?] question for programmers about character data storage

Hello All,

Sorry f this is off the topic but I didnt know where to post this.

Im rewriting an app for EP, and would like other opinions about the best way to store the data for a Transhuman style app.

Im using the first method, allowing the user to choose backgrounds (5,3 or 1 PP), faction, focus, customisation and final touches for gear, etc.

WHat is the best way to store the data?

As far as I can see it, I would have to have a class to store a value for every possible stat, skill (including child skills such as each knowledge and child skills, psi abilities, etc.

Then have an array of these, 5 for background, factions and foci as you could have up to 5 x1PP of one of these.

Each skill would have a function to lookup the aptitude and then child functions to cycle through the arrays to calculate each combination.

Data checking would be done on entry (so you cant have 15 1PP options).

What have others done to store the data?

I am interested in any opinion as I dont work in a programming field (but am a programmer by trade) and need to bounce my ideas off someone....

A separate class would be required for storage of metadata such as number of backgrounds/faction/foci selected, and if it was a 1,3,5 PP option, etc

Or shoudl I tackle it from another angle that I simply missing?
(I cant say I havent missed the bleedingly obvious before..)



Jason Brisbane

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OK, so I think Ive made a

OK, so I think Ive made a breakthrough...

Each skill can be made up of the following bonuses:
* Aptitude (base)
* Morph aptitude bonus (add on at end)
* Various packages, up to a maximum of 6 (5PP + 5x1PP = 10PP / 6 packages max)
* Traits (+ or -)
* Gear bonuses (including from morph or extra gear (aka smartlinked weapons give +10)
* Specialisations (+10).
Up to a Max of 80, unless the Expert trait is taken, making a max of 90.

So I can comprise each skill of bonuses being max of 9 options + gear bonus + traits.
I can thus put each skill in an array and can total the bonuses with a little calculation (mixed with the over 60 and max of 80/90 + gear+morph aptitude bonuses.

Im not sure how to sore gear and traits yet but this will take a lot of work out and be a better way than Ive calculated/stored data in the past.

Any better options for realtime calculation of packages and their bonuses?


Jason Brisbane