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A Titanian Wilds Adapted Morph

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A Titanian Wilds Adapted Morph
Here is my idea for a Titanian Wilds adapted mammoth morph. This morph is intended to be used as by the Hulder caribou herders as a pack carrier and incredibly hardy member of the wandering groups. It is also used by ecologists and scientists working in the backcountry of Titan, subsisting off their personal power plant, secure alone in their massive frame and rugged health. This was posted recently by LatwPIAT and it contained an interesting mammoth, and I brainwaved off of that when reading through the Hulder section of Rimward. Titanian Mammoth (Pod Biomorph) The Titanian Mammoth is similar to the elephant uplifts, but uses DNA from Siberian mammoths as its base. In addition to its thick wooly coat, it has been augmented for survival in cold environments. The Mammoth is a pod that is used as an alternative sleeve for the Hulder caribou herders, as well as long-term prospectors in the Titanian backcountry. Incredibly strong, the Mammoth can carry supplies for large groups, and is finding modest success among extrasolar colonization missions on hostile, icy planets. Implants: Cyberbrain, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Sight, Temperature Tolerance (Cryonic) (Rimward 189), Personal Power Plant (Gatecrashing 152), Direction Sense, Bioweave Armor (Heavy). Speed: (8/30) Aptitude Maximum: 30 (SOM 40) Durability: 60 Wound Threshold: 12 Armor: 3/4 Advantages: +10 SOM, +5 COG, -5 COO, +5 to one other aptitude of the player's choice, 1 prehensile trunk, 4 legs, Trunk Attack (1d10+SOM/10 DV, has Long Reach, may be used for Knockback, use Unarmed Combat skill) Tusk/Head Attack (2d10+3+SOM/10 DV, has long reach, used Unarmed Combat skill), Methane Spray (possibly lethal, depending on the targeted morph, use Exotic Ranged: Ink Attack skill), Can carry/pull very large loads with ease Disadvantages: Mammoths counts as a medium-large target (+20 modifier to hit in combat), -20 Freefall skill, Social Stigma (Pod), for jumping purposes Mammoths have a SOM of 5, no arms, Scarce, Temperature Intolerance (Warmth) CP Cost: 60 Credit Cost: Expensive (75,000+ rare) On the upside, it can carry more supplies, allowing longer stays in the Wilds without resupply, and can shelter others with its vast bulk during storms. However, Mammoths have a difficult time in the methane lakes, and in using/repairing many items. An upgraded variant implants manipulator arms and a deployable and inflatable raft to allow for enhanced manipulation and better odds in the case of flash floods. I used the Transhuman playtest rules to redo the original mammoth's CP costs, and got the same number as LatwPIAT's standard version. It feels a bit low. Any guidance? Thanks for your time.
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Relevant to my interests. I
Relevant to my interests. I will need to borrow this...
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Smart Animal
seems like this would work better as a smart animal than a morph. but hey, maybe there is a market for pachyderm people.
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Elephant uplifts probably
Elephant uplifts probably exist, so there's a market right there.
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Trappedinwikipedia wrote
Trappedinwikipedia wrote:
Elephant uplifts probably exist, so there's a market right there.
I think [i]Panopticon[/i] stated that all the pachyderm uplifts were killed in the Fall and went extinct. It's pretty authoritative that they're not extant. (Though personally I think the setting is richer when there are uplifted elephants around.)
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Not around doesn't
Not around doesn't necessarily mean gone forever. Most uplifts probably have the appropriate R&D data backed up somewhere, even if none made it off of Earth.
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Yeah, Panopticon states that
Yeah, Panopticon states that "not one escaped the devastation of the Earth, not even as an infomorph." I'm generally of the opinion that less information was lost in The Fall than is alluded to, so the genetic codes to reconstruct the elephants would be somewhere. Whether or not the holder of that data has the motivation to do so ,or even knows they have it, is another matter. Of course "none escaped" doesn't mean none [em]survived[/em]. There could be a few remaining elephants or even just one, ekeing out an existence in hiding. Maybe even using their natural sensitivity to infrasound to communicate with each other under the noses of the TITAN remnants. I like the idea of a war weary elephant in some redoubt somewhere, coordinating a network of survivors with intel gained by listening with its feet!
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R&D data could have been lost
R&D data could have been lost, the Fall included a ton of infowar and so a ton of data was lost/corrupted. Finding just the genetic blueprint/template for Elephant uplifts could be quite the find for uplift or science-oriented explorers of old ruins and wrecks.
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