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A TITAN sourcebook?

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A TITAN sourcebook?
Will there ever be a TITAN/promethean sourcebook for ep?

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Does there really need to be?
Does there really need to be? I think the materials out there now are quite sufficient and anything more would be redundant.
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i can only think of 2 things
i can only think of 2 things such a book could achieve. answer some of the big unanswered questions such as the true purpose of the exurgent the true reason for all gate linked civilizations being wiped out and the real reason the titans left the solar system/where they went/what they wanted with everybody's head, what the ETIs are really like. i don't think we need to have one answer to any of these questions. hell any explanation of the ETIs nature the reader could understand would pull them down from there position as so advanced/alian trans-humanity cant hope to understand them without a lot more advancement simply because the reader is even less advanced than the trans-humans in EP. the second purpose is providing threats and plot seed's a bit like D&Ds fiend folio. it could describe more variants of exurgent virus, more titan remnant bases and give stats for additional exurgents and titan bots. this could be useful but is far from necessary. it is actually easier to create custom enemies in EP than D&D and you don't need such a wide spectrum of enemies because the power curve is flatter. something that was a threat to your starting character will still be a threat after 20 sessions (at a level every two sessions try sending the 3 orks that nearly killed the party at level one against the same party at level 10). but it would still be useful for isperation and to save time creating enemies of these types, much the same as the NPC file.
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I'd personally much rather
I'd personally much rather see a GM guide built as Transhuman was a player's guide. It would include more information on possible TITAN motivations (without stating which one is 'correct', as that is the GM's decision) and act as a bestiary of baddies. Maybe include some morphs/traits/sleights that are for NPCs and infected folks. Maybe a random mission generator, since those are always fun, and the lifepath system worked out well in Transhuman in my opinion. TITANs are already mostly GM information, so I'd like to see a TITAN sourcebook folded into a general GM handbook.
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I've run a campaign for over
I've run a campaign for over three years and I think the TITAN & FIrewall source materials in the EP books account for less than 5% of my game's content >.> For the most part I keep the TITAN/Exsurgent nature in the unknowable Nth-demensional level so that I never have to think up of a proper answer :)