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TITAN AI's and AGI's

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TITAN AI's and AGI's
I'm trying to encourage on Online Eclipse Phase RPG. But I have one idiot trying to be a TITAN left over from the Fall. His excuse is that the TITAN's are AGI's and not Seed AI's. (Despite evidence to the contrary.) And him seeing a line saying that the TITANS are an advanced form of AGI's. Any thoughts to knock him back in his place?
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■ TITANs: The human-created,

■ TITANs: The human-created, recursively-improving,
military >SEED AIs< that underwent a hard-takeoff singular-
ity and prompted the Fall. Original military designation
was TITAN: Total Information Tactical Awareness Network.

■ Seed AI: An AGI that is capable of recursive self-improve
ment, allowing it to reach god-like levels of intelligence.

[May contain Spoiler Information from Game Information Section]
Player AGI's are limited MASSIVLY to their potential growth. They cannot be Seed AI, if for no other reason than game balance. How exactly was he trying to play off not being infected by the Exsurgent Virus? Or did this particular TITAN just happen to go completly against his base programming, against the actions of every other TITAN and not get himself effected by the rapidly cascading Alien Constructed, basically sapient super virus?

It was basically by pure chance that the Prometheans were not all destroyed, and it is suggested quite often that quite a few were, and that they now have to be careful to the extreme against getting themselves infected. And even the Prometheans, a seperate Friendly Seed AI grouping, are massivly more intelligent than your average Transhuman, and they activly limit themselves in their own growth. TITANs don't have that built in restriction. They are designed to cascade ever onwards towards godlike intelligence, I can think of very, very few things that would stop one.

Now, maybe if you were playing in, I dont know, a 3000CP game with no caps on Aptitudes/Skills and access to Femotech type technology. Maybe then a TITAN would fit in.

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TITAN's can't fit inside a
TITAN's can't fit inside a morph. They need a large computer network of some kind - like a supercomputer. [Which, by the way, are all under lock and key because they can be used to run hyperintelligent, recursively improving AI's.]

At -best- he could be an extremely limited fork of a TITAN AI with the same capabilities as a normal AGI, but I personally wouldn't even allow that.
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Oh, I don't know. Imagine a

Oh, I don't know. Imagine a character who was a very limited delta fork of a titan, pre-Exsurgent, who survived the fall? I'm imagining an emo, heavy-drinking hacker, constantly whining about his plight.'

No need to stat him any differently than any other character.
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No, the reason I wouldn't
No, the reason I wouldn't allow it is because TITAN AI's don't have any built-in restrictions on recursively improving themselves.
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But do you think that

But do you think that recursive self-improvement would be passed on to a delta morph?
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I do, yes. IMO, if it isn't a
I do, yes.

IMO, if it isn't a recursively self-improving AI, then it isn't a TITAN.
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Well I don't, no. If you

Well I don't, no. If you could fit a recursively self-improving intellect into the same mental space as the rest of us schmucks, then there would be no way to defeat advanced AI. It would just fork itself thousands of times, and let each fork self-improve, creating an army of ridiculously intelligent TITAN forks.

Well that's the whole point, isn't it? That's why I said to let him play "a delta fork of a TITIAN", not just "a TITAN". There's no way any player should ever be allowed to play an actual TITAN; my suggestion about being a fork is just a cool backstory, not any sort of an in-game advantage.
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Me? I would say: Sure! Now,
Me? I would say: Sure! Now, since we have managed to catch you in a small box server...we have two choices: blow it, and you, up or study you...You, sir, are an existential threat...Buh-Bye! *NUKE!*
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LMMFAO. Perfect.


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Can an AGI have delusions of
Can an AGI have delusions of grandure... maybe Firewall has a file on the character that says... "Following a decade of serving as a sewage r&d specialist for space stations the subject deliberately re-wrote it's own memory in an attempt to adapt to post-Fall existence by placing itself in a more noticable social strata in a desperate bid for assuring elevated human interest... Just humor it". Then he starts wondering why he's getting these odd looks and there's this secret file on him...
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Seems kinda silly. I can see

Seems kinda silly. I can see it working in the out-system. His muse would have to be in on it.
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DBAN: when you absolutely, positively, must take out every last TITAN in the bunker. Accept no substitutes. :)