Tips and info on role playing within a salamander morph?

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Tips and info on role playing within a salamander morph?

"An ex-security services detective who is highly tuned towards
violence, actually a fetish to him that he indulges in, and will
mainly pursue sex, drugs, and money, with the emphasis on money,
and will happily kill people without hesitation."

Hello all.

I decided to give Package Creation a spin, especially since I've been guiding one or two new players through it. I did random rolling, loosely, since I was rolling high PP and needed to get at least the background and faction packages. Ended with two factions, one BG, and the Con Artist focus.

Anyways, I did random rolling and came up with a salamander morph =)

So with that as my starting concept, I went with the packages and will be tweaking a bit of the concept, but it'll all fall into place once I'm more awake and can write my backstory! My current direction is for Mr. Salamander to be a young, violent anarchist punk that stalks attractive/interesting morphs and either befriends or seduces them to engage in wild sex play and drugs. I've actually been mulling over a detailed drug-use patter for him (ex. gets high, fucks/kills, then pops another drug to ease the ride or cope. Any thoughts from drug psychs is welcome! ^_^ )

Anyway, I also bought about ten to twenty blueprints, since EP is not a gear-based game, and I read that having useful blueprints over loads of starting gear will almost always be useful in the long run.

And jeez, I planned to post one specific question: how do you think salamanders communicate with mouths? I presumed some audio output device.

PS: if any of you are interested in seeing my character, just ping me and I'll share it with you! He'll also be up for a game if the schedule meshes with mine ;3

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Salamander morphs neither

Salamander morphs neither have sex organs nor mouths. A good Scum gene-hacker could probably give it a nice set of reptilian sex organs, but not a mouth - they lack a respiration system as we know it.

There's a good picture of a Salamander biomorph on page 167 of Sunward.



Salamanders are a type of biomorph popular with Solarians. They share some of the physiological traits of suryas, but are unable to survive unprotected in the corona (requiring a solar survival suit, like other biomorphs), and are instead bio-engineered to survive in the protected vacuum of coronal habitats. Their skin is thick, hairless, vaguely reptilian, and mostly black in color, with gold and orange body patterning. Like suryas, salamanders communicate either via wireless transmissions or by “sunspotting”—using their chromatophores to shift light and dark patterns on their skin to form patterns easily comprehensible to other coronal morphs. Salamanders have a wiry,
streamlined, swept-back sort of look, a combination of fey and monkey-like. Their heads are also somewhat reptilian, with reflective eyes, no nose, and no mouth. Their feet are prehensile, usable just like hands. They lack reproductive organs and capabilities and feature cyberware gas jets on their chest and back for maneuvering in zero g. Many Solarians who normally inhabit suryas will sleeve into salamanders if they need to use humanoid tools or interact with non-Solarians.

They have the Coronal Adaptation (Solar metabolism only) trait. They can't survive outside of the coronal environment for more than a few days without extensive medical support... This is not a character that's going to fare well except in a highly specific type of game, at least, not with that morph.

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