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They call me Shield Man!

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They call me Shield Man!

OK. So, trying to make a min-max Armour Tank. At the moment, I have a Synthetic Morph with the Heavy Combat Armour Robotic Enhancement [16/16]. On top of that I have Body Armour (Heavy), modified with Chameleon Coating, Fireproofing, Offensive Coating and Refractive Coating [22/15]. Under that I have Second Skin [1/3], and Smart Skin [3/2]. And then to top it off, wearing a Full Helmet [3/3].

So all together I will be wearing [16/16] + [22/15] + [1/3] + [3/2] + [3/3] = [45/39]. So basically I should be safe from almost any attack that isn't a Called Shot. I can push it farther with the Ablative Patches and Reactive Coating, but at the moment I don't see that much of a need. But I want to be even more safe, because why be nearly invisible if someone crashing a spaceship into you will still kill you! So here are my questions.

1) Do Armour Modifications stack? Could I modify my Heavy Combat Armour with the mods that are on my Body Armour, and squeeze even more out of it? Could I then modify the Second Skin and Smart Skin with the same modifications? I am thinking the answer is yes, nothing in the rules seems to suggest otherwise. Can anyone find such a suggestion?

2) This one is even more cheesy. Multiple pairs of arms combined with multiple Riot Shields. Riot Shields add their armour rating to your total, +3/+2. Could I buy more sets of arms and equip myself with more shields for even higher gains? Again, nothing in the rules seems to suggest I cannot. Can anyone find such a suggestion?

Now I know that if I actually did this in a game the GM might not be a very happy bunny, but I play an online game with a GM who doesn't like to commit to GM Fiats if there isn't anything in the rules that suggests he should. This would probably pass because I know if I do it, suddenly so will all of the enemies I end up fighting against.

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Eclipse Phase differs from a
Eclipse Phase differs from a lot of games, in that not everything has a clear ruling, and thus the GM's word is more important. One of the problems with having a rule for absolutely everything means that a player can far more easily claim they're justified in using something completely overpowered - D&D4E solves this, to some extent, by issuing regular errata to everything.

If there are not exact rulings for everything, the GM has more leeway built into the system when the rules are unclear.

Ergo, it's down to whoever runs your game, and to a lesser extent the rest of the players, as to what is fair and what's pushing it. Creating a character who focuses on being a defensive behemoth, I'd say that's fine, but slapping coatings on everything, having extra arms with more shields, I'd say no.

The fact that you've come here to ask "Is this OK, or is it too much?" is a good indicator that it's the latter.

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Fnords, I love that last

Fnords, I love that last comment. And second it.