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Is there a 'resistance group' in the Jovian Junta?

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Is there a 'resistance group' in the Jovian Junta?
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What kind of resistance group
What kind of resistance group? There's the Jovian Anarchist Cells, but they're partially an external group.
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It's been a long time since I
It's been a long time since I read Jovian fluff, and even then IDK if I read the whole thing through, but I don't recall anything about an established resistance. That being said it's easy to see why someone would want revolution if you need to make one up.
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How hard is it to just
How hard is it to just egocast out?
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Considering you need to find
Considering you need to find an ego bridge in Jovian space, an infernal contraption that claims to separate the body and soul to artificially extend one's life and which frequently has the individual killed afterward to maintain the illusion they they were transferred and that a false copy wasn't made... probably pretty difficult.
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unless you are in the eye net
unless you are in the eye net, then you may know one or two caches were you can find a farcaster but if you are part of the eye in the junta you probly have bigger things to worry and keep an eye on
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Well, Tio Silencio probably
Well, Tio Silencio probably isn't working solo. Also historically, there have been branches of the Catholic Church which don't agree with those parts that ally with church-going fascists. Given the Church's long history of conscientious objectors and education, I have no question that's still a thing. And since the Church has so much power, those people probably have a lot more influence than any other native resistance group.
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Resistance? Not really, but maybe
The Junta is called a ‘Junta’ for a reason. Most of the folks in Jovian space are humans without nice things like Biomods or Cortical Stacks. Most of them are propagandized into being terrified of people that have resleeved, or openly refer to themselves as ‘transhuman’. Most of them have exceptionally limited access to technologies most colonies take for granted. Their church is also a massive part of the day to day, and has not insignificant sway over the government. Both church and government are equally all about preserving the state of Humanity, although in different ways (that do conflict), regardless of how the common person suffers. If there is any dissent or ‘rebellion’ within Jovian space it’s likely centered on the Medical sector - Jovian research and tech deployment is unbeleivably stagnant and stifling compared to the niceties available throughout the rest of the solar system. Some fluff indicates that cancers - all but unheard of among other long-term colonies - are a major and [i]increasing[/i] problem. Other technologies that would measurably improve a common citizens lifespan, or ease of life are deliberately held back by competing oversight arms of the government and church - both of whom have sweeping veto powers over the other, and prevent anything remotely useful from being introduced, unless it’s a literal impossibility [i]not[/i] to, or those same oversight entities are overruled by the Junta government.
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If memory serves, ego bridges
If memory serves, ego bridges aren't banned in Jovian space, they are "only" a) heavily regulated and secured, b) socially proscribed due to church doctrine. I think I read a passage about soldiers being given the option to back themselves up before missions. However, since ego bridge use and farcasting creates what computer scientists call attack surface, and data security is paramount around Jupiter, it's unlikely that it'd be used lightly, let alone somebody being able to use it without lots of red tape (unless it's a high-ranking general that wants to defect, and even then...). That being said, Jovian society is far from homogeneous, and opposition and resistance is likely to come in all shapes and forms. As for the Autonomists mentioned above, yes, on one hand there are Anarchist groups trying to infiltrate Jovian society, on the other they too need and do establish local networks to achieve that. There's bound to be Titanian Naval Intelligence assets traipsing around, too, Consortium agitators coordinating with official envoys to make Jovian society more liberal while being used to open up Jovian markets... Heck, even criminal groups can be counted as resistance movements if you squint hard enough. I think I'd like to reiterate Trappedinwikipedia's question: What kind of resistance group?
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There are plenty
There is CRAM and JAC and Blue Rose just to name a few. They are all in Rimward.