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The term "Flat"...

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The term "Flat"...
I've noticed that in several discussions ordinary baseline humans that choose to remain in their human 1.0 form (mind you, I'm guessing there will be some that sneak a few implants in old-school "Cyberpunk" style...) are referred to as "Flats"... which I'm presuming is not often a nice term. What's it refer to? If I was to take a guess it would either refer to the concept that a less-evolved human had a "flatter head" or it refers to "Flatlining" and the fact that die-hard humans would choose not to back themselves up or have cortical stacks.
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IIRC, we originally seized on
IIRC, we originally seized on the term as a reference to the _baseline_ part of baseline unmodified humans. It has a pejorative ring to it, too, which we liked.

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How pejorative is it? Could

How pejorative is it? Could you use it as an insult? Call someone a flat, regardless of morph, to imply that they are slow or inferior?
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Actually it looks like it's
Actually it looks like it's not a prejorative at all, it's the term for a baseline pre-genetic screened human morph.
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It also might have a little
It also might have a little bit of a geek/sci-fi meme to it. In the universe of Marvel Comics, militant mutants often refer to normal humans as 'flatscans', meaning that they don't ping on X-gene detectors.

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Greg, that's what makes it a

Greg, that's what makes it a possible pejorative. Because that morph is so far inferior to many of the other human style morphs.