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There is a lot of discussion about the "meat" part of the person/character (to use an SR term) - but is there any "Technomancer" aspects to the game? Can you log into a computer system, or do you simply transfer your Ego online, leaving your meat body for a time?

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The "mesh" is a major part of
The "mesh" is a major part of the game -- local wireless mesh networks. Augmented reality and virtual reality are also highlighted -- everybody uses AR and is online all of the time. VR is handled a bit differently from SR though -- for example, there is time dilation when using VR in EP. There's a whole chapter devoted to hacking, AR, VR, AIs, lifelogging, info searches, etc.

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By "time dilation" I'm
By "time dilation" I'm presuming you can get a LOT more done in the mesh than in reality correct? Sort of like, say, an extended VR "adventure" ("The Virtual Scenario of Unspecified Kadath 2.0???") that seems to. to the player, extend and serious length of time and then... you've reached your destination sort of thing???
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Yes in VR you can both
Yes in VR you can both accelerate and slow down time. So an hour in VR can seem like 1 minute or several days.

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