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Apologies ahead of time if this is covered somewhere in the book or forums but since I couldn't find an answer in either location I decided to do some networking.

What powers Synthmorphs? I make the assumption that it is a nuclear battery but that is only an assumption based on looking at other gear. If it is then how long would it last in normal use?

In normal situations I don't think the power source would matter to much but in the depths of space one never knows when you will be stranded for an extended period or when you may want to rig your body to detonate.

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Good question

Good question - I've been wondering about that myself...

My guess is some kind of nuclear battery, too, but some kind of "recharging" would make it more balanced in comparison to other morphs, who have to eat, sleep etc.

Btw - does a mind in a synthomorph need to sleep?

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They do not need sleep.

They do not need sleep. Neither do they need to breath, eat or defecate.

Lack of Biological Functions. Synthmorphs need
not be bothered with trivialities like breathing
eating, defecating, aging, sleeping, or any similar
minor but crucial aspects of biological life.

I might personally introduce a recharge period using public terminals like the Borg have in ST. Every 100 hours they need to recharge for 8 hours or something.


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Is it an official statement?

Is it an official statement? I will be glad if someone from the Creators tell us the official version ;)

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Thats a direct quote from the

Thats a direct quote from the rulebook, so I imagine that its comparable to an official statement.


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I do agree with the quote,

I do agree with the quote, but there's no energy source mentioned :)

I want to know this, as every option implies some serious consequences. If they use nuclear batteries - don't they blow up when destroyed, etc?

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Negative. Nuclear/Atomic

Negative. Nuclear/Atomic Batteries and Nuclear Generators differ in how they actually create power. Nuclear Batteries tend not to be capable of melting down/having a catastrophic chain reaction. Even if it did, I seriously doubt the Batteries themselves contain enough nuclear material in them to break critical mass. There just isn't enough there to sustain a chain reaction.

There is a part in the Gear section that suggests that Synths and the like would probably run on Nuclear Batteries, and that they are capable of providing power for 3 or so years. I would use that, unless a Dev type comes in and says otherwise.


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Re: Sythmorph

As an aside, I think it's also fair to assume that synths may very well be able to solar charge whatever power supply they may have, as well as recharging it at a station of some sort (or hell, a wall socket). The basic assumption is that it should never really be a problem to keep running as a synthmorph.

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Re: Sythmorph

They give examples of materials that absorb heat and convert it into electrical energy and numerous other high-tech ways of converting and storing electrical energy, so I'm not too worried about the battery-life of synthmorphs.

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Re: I do agree with the quote,

Nuclear batteries do not blow up when destroyed.

Nuclear power plants don't really even blow up when destroyed, either. [You can create a steam explosion, assuming certain things happen, but that's it.]

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Re: Sythmorph

The power source for synths is to me an interesting and important thing. I fully agree that there are quite a few ways of harvesting minor amounts of energy. A synth could deploy small/large solar panels. A synth could have pads on its feet to reclaim expended kinetic energy from walking. Solar is really only a good option in the inner system and energy reclamation is only adding a wee bit.

In any civilized area i think plugging in is certainly an option. However what happens when you step through a gate? No plugs. What happens when a player cuts half the enemy down using the last of his lasers battery charge and wants to sacrifice his own internal charge?

It could be that the general power consumption of the average synth is pretty slight and the output required to fire a beam weapon would drain to much however i know that if i was a Synth i would make damn sure i had at least 3 levels of redundant battery back up. Think how annoyed you get when your iPod is drained now imagine the ipod is you.

I am happy to hand wave it for the most part but i think having options for different internal energy sources could add to the customization aspect of synths.

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Re: Sythmorph

power consumption becomes pretty serious when you start adding optinal modes of locomotion.

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