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Synthmorph battery life?

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Scottbert Scottbert's picture
Synthmorph battery life?
Does it say anywhere in the rules what power systems synthmorphs (as well as cybernetic implants, and the cybernetic parts of pod morphs) use and how long they last? It may not matter for typical adventures -- even if they use similar batteries to gear, 100-500 hours between charge times is fine. But what about when someone's stranded on an exoplanet or the martian outback for a long time or something? And of course, even if it doesn't tend to come up for PCs, it affects NPCs in plotlines like investigating a station that went dark during the Fall.
DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
I don't recall them ever
I don't recall them ever saying how long synthmorph battery life lasts. It would probably vary per synthmorph type, so a single number wouldn't work for all. I would rule that a synthmorph can last a week or something unless you are trying to burn energy.
Xagroth Xagroth's picture
1st edition has the nuke
1st edition has the nuke packs (or nuclear battery) in the gear section of Gatecrashing, I think, and it states it has enough bettery life for X time (even for biomorphs, if I'm recalling it right). I think it is assumed that you will get access to some sort of recharging, the same way it is assumed biomorphs get access to regular meals, thus they "other option" got listed on Gatecrashing (where you can find yourself without access to such commodities).
nezumi.hebereke nezumi.hebereke's picture
There is definitely some
There is definitely some handwaving going on here. I do recall reading in several points nuclear batteries being used. For the purpose of GMing, that means the battery runs as long as is narratively convenient. The actual science makes them less than ideal for something as energy intensive as a robot running around. (You could say it's mini fusion reactors. That would just be pretty awesome. Plus, I want more synthmorphs to detonate with the heat of the sun when they reach their DR.)
Xagroth Xagroth's picture
Well, there is a mention on
Well, there is a mention on weapons using nuke packs as power generators, with the actual ammo count being what is stored in a swap battery! I'd say there are cutouts to prevent accidental nuclear leaking. Please do note that a nuclear explosion demands the exertion of pressure in precise amounts over the enriched nuclear core. Nowadays, thaty is achieved with C4 exploding inside "shields" that redirect the expansive wave so it pressures the core the precise way to cause a nuclear blast... Look at Fukushima and Chernobyl, there was no boom, just leakage of radiation.
CordialUltimate2 CordialUltimate2's picture
Handheld fusion reactors
Handheld fusion reactors would probably still be Xenotech or TITANtech. IMO Synthmorphs are powered by combination of nuclear batteries, supercapacitors and "standard" batteries. With capacitors being discharged for maximum power and batteries running the normal activities the nuclear batteries would run low power in the background slowly recharging the former and latter. This would mean that Synthmorph who can not use a charging port to charge from the grid would have to enter periods of low energy consumption to allow their nuclear batteries to recharge normal energy storage. So an isolated Synthmorph could seem to enter sleep periods.
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nezumi.hebereke nezumi.hebereke's picture
Nuclear batteries aren't the
Nuclear batteries aren't the same as nuclear reactors. A nuclear battery converts radioactive decay into electricity, either by capturing the heat or direct conversion of the radiation. Nuclear batteries are great for a long-lasting source of relatively stable power. It's what Voyager runs on, because it's too far from the sun to use solar cells. Using current tech, a kilo of polonium would give enough power to light four incandescent light bulbs for years. The devices themselves don't have a lot of moving parts though, and don't have nuclear explosions like reactors do.
DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
I don't think synthmorphs
I don't think synthmorphs carry nuclear batteries. I think the radioactive material used to make them is too valuable to be given to your average Case.
DocRodgers DocRodgers's picture
While narrative convenience
While narrative convenience and the GM's call always rule, I was under the impression synths ran off more "conventional" batteries, likely paired with wireless power tech for easy recharging. I would go with somewhere between a day and a week as functional operation time before really needing a top up, which could be made indefinite if you happened to be in a remotely functioning hab and/or an established martian city.
ubik2 ubik2's picture
Nuclear batteries are [Low]
Nuclear batteries are [Low] cost, which is higher than the [Trivial] for standard batteries, but still cheap enough to include in a morph. In Rimward, the Cryonic Protection modification on page 190 mentions "This augmentation uses the morph's nuclear battery...", which implies morphs include a nuclear battery. The bioware version of this (Temperature Tolerance on page 189) adds a nuclear battery (since those aren't standard on biomorphs). In the description of the batteries used by weapons, it's mentioned that there are standard batteries which are slowly recharged by the nuclear battery. This could support an interpretation that synths run out of energy after extended periods of high output without access to other power.