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https://farmerbob1.wordpress.com/ A good example of just how far you can push basic biomods, a muse, and a few proteans! I shotgunned this story in about three-four days of recreational reading, one day per book.
GenehackedGynoid GenehackedGynoid's picture
A fantastic read!
That looks great. I've read up to Chapter 2.5 so far. I'll have to pass that on to some of my friends. (Kind of reminds me of another story involving learning to cooperate with Muse-like artificial entities, and black suits of armor with faceless helmets. I'm reluctant to link it, because of some of its content - to say nothing of some other works by the same author - but I also enjoyed that.)
CordialUltimate2 CordialUltimate2's picture
I read that. I will say. It
I read that. I will say. It seems be an exsurgent virus infection with slaved EndoCreeper that has a friendly personality. I also read the story in a week or so. Cause life... and I liked it. I was sure that the final solution to the final chapter would be forking. As with all the prerequisites already there... and it would continue the trend of deus ex Frank ;-) This author could be really good... If he obtained discipline to not put himself in the protagonist of the story. Haven't read anything else of his yet, but I sure will.
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