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Switching Bodies / Shells

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Switching Bodies / Shells
I was wondering if, beyond a game mechanic, if moving your Ego from one Morph to another is considered a common thing. In other words, can I expect to play the same character, with the same body for multiple sessions and only change when / if I am about to die? ...or do I have a closet full bodies I jump into to suit the needs of the operation? Additionally, I would presume that you can not have two Ego's in the same Morph. That would be bad - right?

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Oh, the potential joys that
Oh, the potential joys that could be had from piggybacking Egos in the same morph, Ego conflict for control of a shared morph body, etc. ::grins wickedly:::

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Re: Switcing Bodies / Shells

Well the book states on pg. 270 that resleeving / remorphing is a normal part of life for a significant chunk of transhumanity. "Characters involved in specialized work may resleeve as often as once a month. Those who travel frequently may do so even more often." The latter part especially makes sense since your average biomorph or pod is definitely unequipped to survive on say, Venus :-p So swapping bodies when the need suits you is definitely an option.

Page 50 however mentions that most people take a couple of days between choosing to go through with resleeving and actually going through the process, and afterwards there's a 'resleeving party' where the person 'introduces' their new morph to their friends. I'm personally seeing this a bit like a birthday party, but again this depends on character.

As a last note though, apparently reacclimating to a new body takes about a day on average (and the resleeving process to a biomorph or pod takes about an hour), so most people are unlikely to swap morphs as often as they do their underwear. Especially exotic morphs are more difficult to get acclimated to. On the other hand, nothing actually prevents your character from amassing a bunch of different morphs suited for a given task, I could definitely see this happening. Though if swapping bodies on the fly is a big part of your character, I'd recommend considering installing puppet socks in said morphs and 'jamming' a body when you need to. No need to go through the acclimation period if you're only planning on staying for a couple of hours at the most.

As for the last question, no, as far as I know (I might be mistaken) you can't have two egoes inhabiting and in control of a single morph. The resleeving process restructures the brain to match the ego pattern, and trying to sleeve another ego into the same body would just overwrite the information. You'd need a body with two different brains for that :-p Though you CAN have one morph in control and another 'piggybacking' on the body with a ghostrider module. The 'owner' ego sits in the brain/cyberbrain of the body and is in total control, while the ego in the GRM can communicate with the owner ego and access the senses of the morph - as far as the dominant ego allows it, at least. I can imagine this could make a rather interesting way of sightseeing.

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Actually to the whole multiple-egoes-in-one-body bit? It actually is possible via a Multiple Personalities implant, pg 301. One ego is in active control, the other is passive - both egoes are fully aware of what the other one's doing, thinking, etc. They can swap control at any time, but if there's conflict (the active doesn't want to relinquish control) they make opposed Willpower x3 tests. My bad, I'd forgotten about the whole thing.