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Swarmanoids hate sunny days?

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Swarmanoids hate sunny days?
How are swarmanoids supposed to be used, if they perish on a sunny day, according to swarm rules? I find it a bit odd that microbots of a swarmanoid are supposed to perish at 35°C/95°F, in an age of smart materials. That's the temperature fleas start dying at. I would have imagined that something built out of fullerenes, amorphous metals, refractory metals or smart materials has better heat resistance than the baseline organic insect it takes inspiration from, even if small objects absorb heat more easily. And a swarmanoid has to be built out of those kinda materials, because how else would it be capable to send/receive electronic/microwave signals. This kind of rule I could see maybe be ok for nanomachine swarms (although it would make TITAN nanomachine swarms way less scary) but for microbot PC swarmanoids I feel that this bit of information is way too limiting. I mean who would sleeve into a morph that dies as soon as the hab technicians decide it would be nice to simulate a sunny day?
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Do they?
I assume you refer to page 344 of the rulebook: "Extended exposure to heat (over 35 C/95 F) may damage or incapacitate a swarm entirely." No concrete rules are given, so this is a gamemaster call. A factor would thus be how fun this is for the game experience. I note the wording: 'extended exposure', 'may damage or incapacitate'. So hanging outside a normal sunny day should not be a problem. If you are worried about your swarmanoid being able to cross a baking desert for hours where there are no place to get cover from the sun, you should look at Thermogenic Protection on page 325.
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That is a low temperature
That is a low temperature tolerance, but it's probably just fine on Mars. I do wonder just how many public habs would actually let people sleeve into swarmanoids for casual use. In some ways, they are as likely to cause problems as some of the more overtly combat-oriented ones (even if in a different way).