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Swarmanoid cortical stack?

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Swarmanoid cortical stack?
Could someone explain how a swarmanoid has a cortical stack? Given a CS is the size of a grape more or less how does a swarmanoid have one? I'm guessing that each part of it carries a tiny fragment if the total data, with multiple redundant storage as part of the deal. Yes?

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Re: Swarmanoid cortical stack?
I would give some (or perhaps all) units part of the stack to carry around, with enough redundancy so that it would be very unlikely to lose all copies of a particular segment. Another solution might be that the stack is located in the hive making the swarmanoid (in my game the swarm character carries around her hives in a handbag). An interesting problem is that enemies might be able to capture parts of the swarmanoid and if they get enough can make a copy of them. A bit of a security problem, unless they encrypt their stack. I assume that normally stacks are not encrypted (would make it hard to save dead people; everybody would have to rely on backup insurance), but people engaged in illegal or secret stuff might want to have it encrypted.
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Re: Swarmanoid cortical stack?
I always pictured swarmoids as implementing cloud computing and distributed functionality, so technically they all have a cortical stack but it is highly limited in each individual swarmoid. Only with the combined meshed network can the full functionality of a cortical stack be utilized. From a game point of view, this makes it easy, only when there has been sufficient damage to the swarm will the person be "dead" and need to be resleeved. This also means that break off groups of a swarm do not have the power to use their cortical stack properly and thus can be considered to not have a cortical stack.
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