Sunward Cover Art

Here is the cover art for Sunward: The Inner System, the first sourcebook we'll be releasing for Eclipse Phase. This is another fantastic piece from artist Stephan Martiniere (who also did our core book and GM Screen covers). It depicts a spacecraft scoping out a couple of suryas, which are a morph type genetically designed to live in the sun's corona. Yes, they're sort of like sun whales, and many suryas are actually uplifted whales or dolphins.

All of the cover art for Eclipse Phase is going to feature this horizontal, wrap-around cover design, with one half of the image on the front and the other half on the back cover, laying over the spine. This cover mockup shows you what the front cover will look like:

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Hi Rob, Are the EP releases going to follow the same format as SR4 regarding hardcover and softcover or are we going to get full colour hardcover for every release? :o) Love the Sunward cover.
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Huge fan of Brin's Earthclan
Huge fan of Brin's Earthclan novels, but this, uplifted sun whales... wow, just wow. And looking over Mr. Martiniere's resume, i've apparently been a fan of his work for some time without knowing it. Ha Ha!
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I know what you mean about
I know what you mean about Mr. Martiniere, I looked at his resume and suddenly see several of my book's covers there, they really chose some high-caliber artists here.
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It will be similar. The core
It will be similar. The core book is hardcover and full color, but most of the follow-up sourcebooks will be softcover and black & white. We will have some additional core books down the line that will be hardcover and (hopefully) full-color, but right now the plan (always subject to change) is to do only one of these a year.