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Suggestion - Eclipse Phase mini books

Hi. There were a few topics that I wanted to post, but I didn't want to post them while the devs might still be busy working on the Transhuman book. Now that the Transhuman book was released to the public, I feel now is a good time to post them.


An idea I have been having is for the devs to work on smaller books with the focus on narrow subjects. A problem with larger books is, they tend to have a theme to them. Such themes determine the kinds of topics that they can talk about. However, certain topics might not fit well into bigger themes, or some themes might over lap in such a way that its not worth while to make books for all the themes that might over lap. This means that certain topics might be unlikely to ever be covered. By breaking away from the need to do bigger books with a wide topic, the devs could work on narrow topics that they couldn't otherwise do.

I don't know all the details regarding how the devs continue to do business, but I'm thinking they could maybe release these mini books on DriveThruRPG and do business that way. Once they get enough mini books done, they could collect them together and then release them as big books, books of unrelated topics or something.

I'm currently throwing this idea out here, wondering if this would work or not. I feel that Posthuman Studios might be able to get away with this, hence why I'm mentioning it. They release most (if not all) of their books for free digitally and stuff, so they are very much dependent on the good will of the community to pay for books. The community has thus far been supportive with previous books, so I feel that the community might be willing to support such smaller books. The devs wouldn't need to divert a whole lot of energy to make a few of these mini books (they are supposed to be small after all) so it should be easy to test a few of them.

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I think this was mentioned

I think this was mentioned some months ago, specifically related to "factions" (or rep) minibooks.

While this sounds a lot reminiscent to the old way White Wolf made the Clanbooks in the Old World of Darkness, as long as the books do not follow the "this faction is more powerful than the previous one" tone we could find there (or in Games Workshop's army books) and are presented objectively, I'm game :)

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I was unaware that this topic

I was unaware that this topic was already discussed. In regards to topics, I was thinking of game rules. In the Transhuman open playtest, we got a look at new rules for things like Jamming and Morph Creation. I think that mini books could cover such topics. By using such books, I think it might be possible to look a existing rules and see if they still make sense as the game evolves.

Sample Topics:
-Asyncs and their powers.
-Mind Acceleration (like 60x acceleration).

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We've done small sourcebooks

We've done small sourcebooks in the past, like The Stars Our Destination, and will be doing more, such as the Argonaut book that was a Transhuman Kickstarter stretch goal.

We'll be continuing our strategy of small PDF/POD releases + big hardcover books being sold through distribution.

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I like it

but I sort of wish there was an official wiki, Chuck's is ok, his indexing and search features seem really off and I find a lot missing there, also when I have to jump from book to book to look up necessary skills, mods, gear, etc. it gets problematic, rather have a one stop shop "oh your looking for clandestine groups here's all of em, want to look at groups from around the belt, heres all of em, etc"

"what do I want? The usual — hundreds of grandchildren, complete dominion over the known worlds, and the pleasure of hearing that all my enemies have died in highly improbable accidents that cannot be connected to me."

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The absolute best way to get

The absolute best way to get one of the EP wikis to behave as you want is to donate some of your time to improving them.

An official wiki is really not on our radar at this point. Plenty of other stuff to do!

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Old (classic) Traveller...

When Marc Miller was originally doing Traveller back in the '70's and early '80's, he released (through GDW) those tiny black handbooks. They covered things like planet creation, specific alien species, pc professions, and other odd topics, like ship design. They were inexpensive and well-written. I think it's a practical format.

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Actually knowing EP, I think

Actually knowing EP, I think players could compile 'minibooks' as some have seemed to on various webpages with just STUFF for EP, anyway.