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Apologies if this topic is A) glaringly obvious in a section in the book I overlooked or B) already addressed somewhere on these forums. That being said... I'd like to know how strong Eclipse Phase characters are. How much can they carry at Earth equivalent gravity? Now, before you answer, a few guidelines: I. Yes. I know that I can come up with my own guidelines for how strength works / how much people can carry. I want to hear what the game designers (and what my fellow players) came up with. II. Yes. Knowing specifically how strong characters are is important. Especially in a realm where gravity is an issue. What happens when a person with a Fury morph throws you against a wall in zero gravity? What happens when your flat, whose holding a considerable amount of mass, suddenly finds himself going from low gravity to earth gravity or higher? When the bulk head collapses and pins your Menton, how many of your fellow Firewallers have to stop what they're doing to lift it off him? Sure. These are all situations that the game master can arbitrate or make things up for, but that gets tedious. I've been in games like that and it's no fun when all your epic roles fail to convince a skeptical GM that an object can be moved... or where rolling well allows for ridiculous feats of strength (think children lifting cars). III. If you're reluctant to give statistics on specifics of how much characters can lift, it would be very helpful to know roughly how strong different morphs are compared to one another. If a Flat arm wrestles a Olympian, what happens? Is the flat going to get his arm broken? Is the Olympian going to walk away upset that a lowly Flat was able to even compare to his superior morph? What about robotic morphs versus flesh-based morphs? Remember, I want to know what you guys intended. Your thoughts?
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Re: Strength
I actually came up with a mechanic that tries to define the strength of morphs and characters on [url=http://www.eclipsephase.com/expanding-use-existing-mechanics-durability-... thread[/url]. It's a mechanic called force value which actually replaces damage bonus for all intents and purposes, while adding more function to it. If you have any comments or suggestions on my mechanic, I would love to get some feedback. I'm hoping to make it cohesive yet simple enough that the developers might even think about folding it into the core mechanics of the game.
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