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Strange Background/Faction Combinations

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Strange Background/Faction Combinations
I've noticed that there are very few restrictions on linking Backgrounds and Factions. It's pretty open overall, and while that's not a bad thing, it does create some odd situations with some of the more 'concept-restrictive' choices. For example, consider the following combinations: Infolife/Jovian Infolife/Ultimate Lost/Jovian (requires Second Skin trait) Uplift/Jovian (requires Second Skin trait) Uplift/Socialite (requires Second Skin trait) Uplift/Ultimate (requires Second Skin trait) While the need for Second Skin for many of these combinations shows a 'CP tax' assessed to cover the wierd factor, the first two do not require anything special to take. However, both of them certainly seem like really odd choices to me. So, has anyone seen any of these odd duck choices crop up? Any tips on how it worked out?
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Re: Strange Background/Faction Combinations
Keep in mind that the Jovians aren't above indenturing infolives, uplifts or other "freaks". Factions entail entire societies, so a Jovian could be a member of the ruling class as well as a slave, criminal or refugee.