Sterling on Wikileaks

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Sterling on Wikileaks

Wikileaks might in itself not be too relevant for EP, but Bruce Sterling's take on it is full of little details and ideas that feels perfect for creating scenes and NPCs.

In particular, I love his characterization of Assange: "He’s just what he is; he’s something we don’t yet have words for. He’s a different, modern type of serious troublemaker. " It is easy when writing games to fall into the standard tropes about NPCs as "government spooks", "terrorists", "freedom fighters" etc. These characters nicely fall into roles and act rationally according to the roles. But what if the PCs encounter a serious troublemaker instead? He is not out to topple the Planetary Consortium, he wants something completely different... and if that means he will out Firewall ("The full Eye archives have been put on-line!") or get Ozmas horrific secrets turned into open source ("How to make an exsurgent horror out of your neighbour"), then he will do it - no matter what the consequences are. Even the mini-version that just causes trouble by wrecking a hated autonomist network might be pretty interesting and scary.

"Like hackers, diplomats are very intelligent people; unlike hackers, they are not naturally sociopathic."

"“Transparency” can have nasty aspects; obvious, yet denied; spoken, but spoken in whispers. Very Edgar Allen Poe."