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A topic on the Facebook group had me wondering how to recreate the Eclipse Phase setting in the 4X RTS game Stellaris.

Transhuman (splicer) species traits:
Adaptable (+2)
Enduring (+1)
Wasteful (-1)

Jovian Junta:
Authority: Oligarchy
Ethics: Militarist, Spiritualist, Xenophobe
Civics: Citizen Service, Exalted Priesthood (Police State)

Lunar-Lagrange Alliance:
Authority: Democratic
Ethics: Egalitarian, Materialist, Xenophobe
Civics: Environmentalist, Functional Architecture (Cutthroat Politics)

Morningstar Constellation:
Authority: Democratic
Ethics: Egalitarian, Xenophile
Civics: Idealistic Foundation, Mining Guilds (Environmentalist)

Planetary Consortium:
Authority: Oligarchic
Ethics: Authoritarian, Fanatic Materialist
Civics: Corporate Dominion, Mechanist (Shadow Council)

Titanian Commonwealth:
Authority: Democratic
Ethics: Egalitarian, Materialist, Militarist
Civics: Citizen Service, Idealistic Foundation (Parliamentary System)

Autonomist Alliance: A Federation composed of the Titanian Commonwealth and several normally non-playable "Spaceborne Aliens" (modded to fit)
Anarchists: Artisan Enclave
Extropians: Trader Enclave
Scum: Nomads

Argonauts: Curator Enclave.