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"Star Trek Phase" (Star Trek with EP rules & gear)

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"Star Trek Phase" (Star Trek with EP rules & gear)
So a couple of friends and me decided to start playing by PC (I am, in fact, the desplaced one of the four XD), and Star Trek (in the "ST Online" timeline, that is, 2410 or Stardate 87XXX.X) was the "game" chosen. However, the most recent Star Trek RPG was made with the CODA system (some of you might remember the Lord of the Rings RPG with the movie photos, the previous one to The One Ring. That is the CODA system...). Essentially, unbalanced and nearly unplayable. So I suggested (and was quickly approved) to use the Eclipse Phase framework. In fact, so many things can be ported to one game to the other, it is quite easy. At first sight, the main changes are that egocasting and resleeving are a no-go, unless you are some sort of artificial life form. Also, the morphs will be hand-picked and "dehumanized" (for example, a Ghost morph will be like a Sulliban from the Temporal Cold War arc in the Enterprise series). Most of the things done with nanotech will instead be "cooked" with replicators, which means only energy is the limit. Space battles will probably remain as in EP, in lieu of simplicity. So far, the player characters will be: - Liberated Borg Romulan character (mine) - Breen Mercenary - Vulcan Ambassador We will probably at least start playing on the New Romulus system, and besides that I have little idea of what will we be using or going for (aside from my interest on rebuilding the Romulan faction as a credible power). For morphs, I think the most easy thing to do is to give a baseline Olimpian to me and the Vulcan, and go crazy with my implants, but I'm not sure about the Breen morph, aside from the cold adaptation that makes it require a cooling suit.
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Actually, this is a kind of
Actually, this is a kind of interesting set up. Obviously little things will be tweaked, but using the rules for star trek could work.. but im not really an expert of *either* setting, nor the rules, so I have minimal to add other then thinking this is a decent idea. That being said, I am interested in seeing how this goes. hue. while not related directly to the topic, a star trek and eclipse phase crossover would be funny by my twisted standards, since so much of the settings clash. I mean, the Federation would be painfully bioconservative by Eclipse phase standings, for one.
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Well, te Federation actually
Well, te Federation actually is against all kind of DNA tweaking, because there was a time when it was attemped and the "uplifted humans" tried to seize the planet, violently (which proves they were not that smart... or just plain wannabee dictators: the upgraded DNA was so dominant it was shown in the Enterprise prequel to be able to turn Klingons into the human-like ones we see in Kirk's time during the original series. So have children => win). The latest movie, Into Darkness, shows us one augmented, Khan... So, what are the (stupid) limitations the Federation has self-imposed? First, they have energy to matter (and the other way around) production capability thanks to their "Cornucopia machines", the Replicators. However, the Replicator is but an evolution of the Transporter (a teleporting device), able to turn matter into information, re-locate it and reverse the process. This has been used as the basis for "holographic rooms" able to mimic anything, for the replicators (able to produce anything in seconds), and other stuff (in the videogames, monstly, justifying the dozen or so weapons and other gear the player can carry around). In several episodes we can watch this technology being used as some sort of stasis system (essentially, a transporter keeping a guy as a data file for centuries), as a posessing system (one main character was playing his James Bond expy holographic interactive novel, and other main characters got used by the program as villains... if killed, they would die, and the program was controlling them), as a weapon (disabling security protocols essentially makes anything in the room real enough to kill Borgs with a tommy machinegun in Star Trek First Contact), a main character (William Ryker, 1st officer of Patrick Stewart's Star Trek series) was cloned with this tech, and so on. Artificial lifeforms do not exist, but for two examples (Data and The Doctor from Voyager), expanded to a lot when we get to the Online Game, and biotech seems to be reduced to "apply magic wand A to point B and press button while saying Melorazine, Thelorazyne, or other appropiately obscure name", without any way to regrow organs or lost limbs (there are cybernetic replacements, but only on par with biological parts...). Also, in the MMO there is Transwarp, which is a "Pandora Gate" for space ships based on Borg technology linking the major hubs in the game... Not to mention Iconian Gates, which are a little more advanced since they don't require an installation in the exit point. So yeah, they could almost anything EP shows us, using the transporter tech to reduce people to data, modify that data and assemble it and see what happens to the "fork", save backups of people (they say they don't have enough memory to store more than 9-18 people at once... in a ship), restore lost parts, create AIs, etc... And faster too XD. In fact, Star Trek is a good example of what happens when you get rid of all the munchkins in the universe, and do not think everything through. Because the Teleporting tech was introduced in the setting to save money in the original series by not needing shuttle sequences to get down to the planets! XD
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Andromeda might work better
Andromeda might work better with EP rules. I mean, genetic modification is pretty common, humans from well-off planets (during the Long Night) might even qualify as Splicers, minus the Mesh Inserts and Stack of course. Ironically Harper would most likely be a Flat with Inserts. And Nietzscheans are pretty close to Remade as is. Also, AIs seem to resleeve, and fork, pretty casually, the titular ship appears to have at least two forks running on her mainframe at all times, based on the arguments between the hologram and viewscreen, not to mention her masked synth avatar. Though I don't recall any of them downloading into an organic brain.
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I can't believe you missed
I can't believe you missed the opportunity to title this thread "Eclipse Phaser." I have that problem so often. :P I like to imagine that any EP/ST crossover rapidly spirals out of control with the EP denizens and their practical, "how can we make the most out of what we have" mindset going off the rails courtesy of Star Trekian technology leaps. For instance, thanks to the transporter, you don't need a body bank to resleeve. Frankly, there's nothing stopping you from being dematerialized on a transporter pad at Starfleet Command, on Earth, being transmitted through subspace by normal FTL communications techniques, and rematerializing on a transporter pad at Deep Space Nine - it may take hours, but even by the fastest ships it would otherwise take days. Or "Welp, two of our our redshirts got themselves vaporized down there. When you beam the survivors of the team back up, rematerialize them from the backup that was automatically made when you beamed them down."
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Transporter and replicator
Transporter and replicator technology weren't particularly thought out by the writers for a while. I mean, transporters were just a cop-out when they figured out they didn't have the budget to show a shuttle landing in every episode. And they didn't have replicators until Next Generation, and when they did introduce them they had to bullshit something about them not being able to replicate living things to differentiate them from transporters because most people get uneasy about the idea of being disintegrated so that a clone of themselves can be placed somewhere else.
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Go all out
I read this bit and thought about my current game and well, why not go all out. BattleTrek - Twilight Eclipse, The Travellers of the Shadows.
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Better question - could a mad
Better question - could a mad genius (by Federation standards, at least) build a ship that could only be boarded by transporter, because it teased apart the data encoded into a transporter beam and didn't bother to reassemble you, but instead emulated you? I think it'd be pretty slick.
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Chrontius wrote:Better
Chrontius wrote:
Better question - could a mad genius (by Federation standards, at least) build a ship that could only be boarded by transporter, because it teased apart the data encoded into a transporter beam and didn't bother to reassemble you, but instead emulated you? I think it'd be pretty slick.
So like a ship that only houses infomorphs and all the "decks" are actually just simulspace? That would make for a lot less wasted space and remove any need for artificial gravity.
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Hole in one.
Pretty much, though the fidelity of the copy should make it difficult to tell you just spent significant time as an infomorph until significantly after the fact, to ensure maximal existential crisis. :D