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Splicer sample character from EP rulebook.

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Splicer sample character from EP rulebook.
Hello, i apologize if this is not the correct forum category. I just had a question about the Splicer sample character from the rule book. Why does it receive a +5 morph bonus for climbing? I understand splicers get +5 to the aptitude of its choice, but it looks like it selected SAV as that aptitude since all the other SAV skills got a +5 morph bonus. I looked over the sample characters implants, gear and traits but just can't seem to figure out why it gets +5 climbing morph bonus since the linked skill is SOM. What am i missing? I'm fairly new to eclipse phase and just want to make sure i understand this before reading further into the rule book. Thanks
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It looks to me like you found
It looks to me like you found an error.