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Speed learning (rez points aside) & VR

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Speed learning (rez points aside) & VR
It seems, that forking-merging mechanism allows for speed learning. You simply create few dozens of forks, instruct them to learn, and merge regularly to avoid mental stress. Do it in VR and you learn thousands times faster. How can poor RL simpleton compete with that? Don't you think, that this 60x faster than RL virtual reality is broken? Poor people spend big rep for implants to think three times faster (and this is implant max by the way) - when smart just jump into VR and voila - 60 actions per action phase. Very not coherent with the rest of EP world - VR users don't become temporary infomorphs, they are still in their real bodies - just their input and output is wired to the mesh inserts - that is all. And suddenly they think 20x faster than with best implants? Come one. Forget about neurachem and addicting drugs warriors - just buy few dozens of killbots and command them from VR. As simple as that.
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Re: Speed learning (rez points aside) & VR
The trick to it is that a 60x simulspace does not interact properly with the real world. Can you use one for learning? Absolutely. Then again so can everyone else with basic implants who can afford the VR training time. This work great if you have a training program, a teacher in simulspace with you or anything else that doesn't require real world feedback. As a GM I would personally say that only one fork can work on learning a given skill at a time. Any more produces redundancy. I also treat the merging times as subjective time for a fork. For example: Fork A gets egocast wayyyyyy out into the Oort cloud, taking about 72 hours to completely load. Once there he meets with a contact for three hours and casts back. Total time separated 147 hours. Time for stress value, 3 hours. Fork B goes into Simulspace at 60x speed to take a class on computer programming. He spends 10 minutes (realtime) learning and merges. Total separated time 10 minutes. Time for stress value 10 hours. Also remember, that you can get pretty wonky in realspace if you want to. How about getting a multitask implant (+2 short term forks), using a beat fork as your muse (+1), plus another in a ghostrider module (+1) and one more in a dual personality module (+1). Its a party in your head and only you are invited.
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Re: Speed learning (rez points aside) & VR
An old false syllogism: One man can dig a post-hole in ten seconds. Ten men can do the work of one man in one tenth of the time. Therefore, ten men can dig a post hole in one second. Let's say I wanted to learn how to be a great oil painter in a month, and could afford to fork myself (pun intended) ten times. I'm not sure if my copies would learn enough in that time no matter how much effort they made. Each of my copies would be starting from not knowing how to paint in oils. The first month they'd all spend doing pretty much the same thing. While reintigration might give me a stronger kinesthetic knowledge of all those paintings I/We did that month, I wouldn't be ten months along in a standard course. Also, I imagine having to reintegrate ten psyches into one would not only a) be confusing, but b) require some excellent psychosurgery to not end up with massive mental stress from the process.
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