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Spanish version of EP is a kidnapping

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Spanish version of EP is a kidnapping
In more of 1 year the spanish version just have Core rule book (without PDF) & ScreenSaver for GM but nothing more. The players request pdf version and 1 year later they dont post pdf , and they have not announced anything else for a year . Anyone can explain how this game is working in other countries ? Anyone Gm of the forum or of the game can try to talk with EDGE (the company of Spanish version) and see why this kidnapping? Thanks and best reggards!
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I am Spanish, with the
I am Spanish, with the Spanish languange EP corebook. I bought it months ago, and I loved it, but months about news of upcoming books in Edge Ent. (the Spanish translator publisher) was suspicious. Now I have to wait more a year to see a new sourcebook. To buy the corebook again? Maybe the option is to publish "Transhuman", the player's handbook companion with the update of the rules.
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