Space Pirates!

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Space Pirates!
Well... as anyone with a connection to the "MV Sirius Star" can attest to, the act of piracy is still going strong... about in EP? Beaming aside there is clearly still a market for spacecraft and with isolated communities to boot I can imagine there ought to be a nere-do-well or two out there between the planets with a dastardly intentions. Any space pirates out there? Then again, given the technology available and the threats that are about, I imagine that no matter how co-operative and peaceful it may appear to be, smart ships and habitats are armed when possible.
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Yep! Can't have a space

Yep! Can't have a space game without having pirates :) A lot of piracy in EP is oriented towards hijacking automated/AI-piloted cargo craft, and most piracy occurs in the outer system, which is more difficult to police.

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