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Sol Radio

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Sol Radio
Digital communication is ultimately limited by time, energy, and the distance that is implied by their combination. Within a certain radius of a transmission a signal will have enough energy to power an appropriate receiving device, and outside of that distance it can be picked up by any device tuned correctly that can deliver enough of its own power. Signals can be carried on any medium that exhibits some sort of periodic behavior known in common between the transmitting and receiving parties, where simple periodic behavior is relatively easy to guess (binary or 4/4 time). Sufficiently complicated periodic behavior used as the carrier can work just as well as encryption to disguise the broadcast from prying spimes. A perfect location for a pirate radio station that can collect a great deal of energy and comes with an incredible engine to drive periodic behavior is the Sun. A pirate radio station operating close enough to the surface of the sun will be hidden from all searching sensors in the bright radioactive glare of the yellow monster, and will have sufficient available power to punch a broadcast signal well through the heliopause at the far end of the Oort Cloud. The sun is home to a strange bunch of egos suited in morphs based at least partially on TITAN technology, and attracts a large population of Uplifted whale and Uplifted dolphin communities. The messages they send out may get a bit strange at times, and some ultraparanoid mesh feeds continually warn that the TITANs left the Surya morphs as complicated traps that force their egos to broadcast a subtle TITAN brainwashing EM wave to control the minds of those who don't live beneath several miles of shielding. Some offer modified blueprints for gear designed to deflect the compromising emissions and many a brinker keeps them in an archive against the day the TITANs rise again. Other detractors point out that they mostly carry discussions of imaginary mathematics, particle physics, discussions of the philosophy of foundational building blocks of the universe, and occasional terrible song about hyperdense chemistry and arcane measurement systems. Other jokers point out that there is little difference between solar engineering humor and a TITAN basilisk hack. [plot hooks] There is a real and present threat of a TITAN resurgence. Close to the sun is an excellent place to harvest qbits, and a private organization has been quietly distributing caches of qbit reservoirs across the system, a few of which have been found connected to sensitive databases such as resleeving insurance vaults. The concern is that a distributed TITAN mind across the system could use the instant communication stream provided by the qbits to launch synchronized attacks against transhumanities computing resources, hijack Cornucopia machines to produce hunter-killer synth morphs, or distributed disassembler nanite clouds inside of targeted habitats. The worst scenario is that the TITAN runs its underlying mind on qbits; since communication is instantaneous, this provides a theoretically infinite accessible memory cache as all memory anywhere in use can be accessed in the same length of time. Some information liberation enthusiasts have linked a network of these stations and together are having fun overloading sensor systems on Jovian destroyers by aiming their combined broadcasting power at the same target in the same instant. Some qbit communication is frequently used to time the attack, as the latency can otherwise make aiming difficult. They are also using their broadcasting capabilities to drown out communication links between stations they deem to be 'trapping the Voice', claiming that any long term storage of light patterns violates the trapped photons right to move and communicate freely across the tapestry. There is a station Firewall has heard hosts an seed-AGI experiment. It is a small station that is shielded, hidden in the glare, and actively working to disguise its presence on every wavelength, but the Firewall crows have their little ways and someone talked. Inside the party finds a team of alpha forks assembling a Jupiter mind; they claim it isn't dangerous because all of its massive parallel processing power is aimed at listening to the solar wind and composing an eternal symphony that is broadcast on a vector not known to intersect with anything sooner than a few billion years.
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