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Software/Aids for Combat Maps?

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Software/Aids for Combat Maps?
Does anyone know of any programs usable for generating combat maps like the kind you find in some of the downloadable adventures?
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SquireNed SquireNed's picture
Inkscape, Blender, or dedicated mapping programs.
I personally use Inkscape and Blender for my campaign's artistic elements. I don't tend to draw detailed battle maps; the map in Glory is more my style (in fact, my designs are heavily inspired by it). The following took me about four hours, which included an absurd amount of time on the hex tiles. It's not totally finished, but it's something that you could knock out quickly if you were more familiar with the tools than I am (I've just finally gotten around to mapping in Inkscape again, after a long time of using exclusively Blender for EP and never finishing stuff in time). http://i.imgur.com/dcIIvgj.png