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Social Conflict Rules?

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Social Conflict Rules?
Just wondering if y'all will be including any kind of social conflict resolution mechanics in the game by default? It's one of those things that are usually left out of mainstream RPG's, but work really well in play. Granted, if it isn't included in the core rules, I can almost guarantee that my group will probably put our heads together to come up with one, but it would be nice if we didn't have to :)

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If you mean something like
If you mean something like Burning Wheel's Duel of Wits, not really. There are social skills (such as Persuasion) which can be pitted against each other in an Opposed Test, and manipulations like use of Deception skill can be countered with Kinesics skill (body language reading). Otherwise it's up to standard roleplaying.

If you do end up devising your own, please be sure to share it online -- would love to see it.

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Yeah, I'll definitely post
Yeah, I'll definitely post one when the game comes out. Drifting the subject a bit, does the game make any attempt to handle the "transhuman" conflict, or is this basically an action-adventure game?

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I'd say the game tries very

I'd say the game tries very hard to embrace the "'transhuman' conflict". The story arc of firewall agents means that your players should regularly encounter situations with far-reaching implications. Lovecraft isn't explicitly cited in their references list, but his style of the horror of things vast, powerful, and unknowable is just right for aliens and the titans.
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Combat through applied social engineering?

I may have to drop that on my players like a certain bright orange monster truck from barely-exospheric orbit.