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So, what are the rules to Eclipse Phase, in their infinite variations?

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So, what are the rules to Eclipse Phase, in their infinite variations?
Just asking. This looks like an awesome game, and I'm honestly feeling the pinch in my wallet already. Between this game and whatever Project: Donut turns out to be, this looks like a banner year coming up for transhuman games.
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Of course, please keep it
Of course, please keep it simple. I'm by no means asking you to give away the farm.
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Can you elaborate more?
I'm not sure what you're looking for here. We've already stated that it's a percentile based system (d100) and mostly skill based. You basically roll your dice and want to get under your skill. In the case of opposed rolls the highest roller without going over wins. So high skills not only mean better chance to succeed but also a wider range for success in opposed rolls. The only dice type you need is a d10 (preferably 2) since all weapon dmg is in the (Xd10's + Y) mold. And the only mechanic aside from dmg I can think of off hand that doesn't use percentile roll under is initiative since we wanted to make it simple.

Brian Cross
Posthuman Studios

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Nope, you covered it, thank
Nope, you covered it, thank you.
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Until I read this I was
Until I read this I was afraid you were using the SR4 mechanics. Now I am even more excited about this game. If this ends up being rules light (Similar to AD&D 1e) I know my group will be adopting it as a game.

Cheers, Rick

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Stripped tease time: Ego, Morph and what else?
We've heard about Ego and Morph but how to the various package attributes and skills derive from them? Basically, show us roughly how a sample character is made, what it would look like and what the different features are. Thanks. Cheers, Chris.