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So uh..

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So uh..
Did you guys kind of blow your load early? It seems like 1st ed covered just about damn near everything. I normally only buy the core books. Is there any room for new, essential content? I imagine you could get a few more splats out of planet sourcebooks, (worked for Palladium. 2 sourcebooks on Canada! TWO!) but other than advancing the timeline, is there even any room for new content? I'd hate to see what happened to White Wolf happen to Post Human studios, with a toothless rehash of the setting in a desperate attempt to bring in more fans.. As is, I'd say 2nd edition is more like a 'Revised' 1st Edition. I think maybe your publisher made their product a little too good, without much room for improvement. (like those old Frigidaire and toasters built in the 50's that still work today) Its going to be quite a challenge re-imagining the setting and adding more core content. Are there any other horizon technologies that could be incorporated into the setting? Will EP establish a timeline, like Battletech? Will the setting change over time?
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I for one am rather happy
I for one am rather happy with the idea that there's no metaplot. Not only have they shown that they *really* like to jump the shark, they also stratify players based on how involved with developments. As having noticeable influence on the world around them does of course make characters and their decisions feel significant, I'm not completely opposed to some of that happening in adventures, especially long-running ones. By the same token having a canonical metaplot would take away that very influence. "Hey guys, new edition is out! Let's see what has changed... Wait, this can't have happened, we actually failed that mission. And here, this guy did *what*? How could he, we thoroughly trashed all his secret backups that had knowledge of that. And the Jovian Republic?? Okay, admittedly the guys at Posthuman Studios have no idea of knowing that we accidentally turned Jupiter into a sun, but... Well then, time to start ripping pages out of the book." Now, if there were some fat campaign books, which maybe even have contingencies to adapt things to things that may or may not have happened in other fat campaign books, respecting that groups may play through them in any order, that'd be development I could get behind. But please, not in the core.
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I've played both, and while
I've played both, and while it definitely feels familiar across editions, they made some major mechanical changes to EP2 which do a lot for gameplay. I'm of the 'die-hard grognard' philosophy (I still play 3rd edition Shadowrun) and I think the new edition is the bees knees. That said, all of the EP1 books should carry over with only minor tweaking (and I'm okay with that too).
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Even taking into account the
Even taking into account the previously released material there's LOTS of options for future books. Several threads exist about what people would like to see eventually. I was around for the heyday of Cyberpunk and White Wolf when piles books were released every year, so the more leisurely pace of releases - about one a year for major books - means the quality is better and more thorough. For example, the upcoming crime book will certainly have things in it that I would never have thought of particularly when transhumanisim is brought into play. Just off the top of my head I'd like to see futuristic military tactics and equipment covered. A book about Psi and The Lost would be a welcome addition. A detailed city book àla Seattle 2072 or Night City...I could go on and on! I'm pretty sure the devs are deliberately trying to avoid "a sourcebook for everything" and gearbooks in particular, so there's some things we'll never see. But in sure there's a lot of ground to cover before we're done here. For the record I'm generally not fond of metaplots. It's akin to building a beautiful sandbox and kicking it down just after you unveil it! However, I also think the Posthumans could pull it off.
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I only ask because I'm really
I only ask because I'm really into Eclipse Phase. If there was more quality core content I would buy it.
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While I probably wouldn't
While I probably wouldn't want to see big metaplot stuff more due to the reasons stated above, I would LOVE to see more stories and lore about side stuff that players aren't likely to deal with.
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I'm pretty interested for
I'm pretty interested for hearing more details about the spacecrft from a military perspective. What does a space navy look like in Eclipse Phase? how wildly different are the Jovian and Titinian Approaches?
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o11o1 wrote:how wildly
o11o1 wrote:
how wildly different are the Jovian and Titinian Approaches?
...and the Autonomist and the Planetary Consortium fleets. Also their battle doctrines and command structures. Especially in the case of the Autonomists, that should be interesting.
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I just want to find out why
I just want to find out why the ETI's made the exsurgent virus and why the Titans left. Those questions are going to drive me crazy if the authors never address them.
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Well there are suggested
Well there are suggested solutions scattered in GM sections of the books. Although the uncertainty results in some really nifty answers for example look up the Snowflake post, by Eaton in homebrew section. I don't think there is a post that agglomerates all the different ideas for these answers. Maybe there could be a GM sourcebook "The OZMA files" or "Promethean Chronicles" that gives only the answers to secrets in EP universe.
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Just of the top of my head,
Just of the top of my head, having shelved EP for more than a year (it's been impossible for me to fin playing groups in Spain... sigh), I can give you the following options for new books, without being copy-paste of already existing 1st ed books (btw I think PHS confirmed the only "new versions" would be a core book, and a player's book): * VR ops: a whole book devoted to hacking (hacking always needs more love, regardless of the quality and weight of its rules, since it's a "split the party" system), operating inside VR, psychosurgery, popular VR sites, example of VR stars, games, organizations ("clans") and esports... * More Stargat... sorry, Pandora gates! We are not necessarily talking about more planets, nor more alien stuff, but there is a lot going on there. * The logistics of transhumanism: while we get glimpses of some big scale production, most of the 1st ed books were about small scale (unipersonal or grupal). And while we had a lot of looks at societies using rep, money and a mix of both look like, there are holes in the production of really big projects. Things like turning a moon into a shipyard using swarms, or even into a computer for raw procession power (like that TITAN brain... but at a smaller scale). * more companies, specially the heavy forked unipersonal ones like the PAX family... fronts, backs, projects white and black... corporate espionage... * Earth! There is still very little material published for what is, effectively, the tomb of 90% of humanity. * More TITAN sites, both explored and under quarantine. Specially the ones "explored", since there is where most of the action is for Firewall operatives! * Exhumans and Ultimates, you can never have enough of those. * Adapting the game for miniature usage. I have four factions from Infinity (Aleph, Nomads, Combined Army and Haqquislam) and I'm really really interested in using the miniatures (kinda funny, since I started buying them after reading here a suggestion about how appropiate they were... And while the Maghariba is no Fenrir, she nevertheless can play the part! Not to mention those gorgeous geckos!). And of course looking at how easier it is nowadays to find a 3D printer, I'm sure a lot of people will want to port some morphs to the phisical world! * Posthuman armies/navies. Both for governments, militias, habs, infomorphs, corporations... Tactics, history, notorious people... * More on the different reps! Guanxi "derivates" in different places, Scum groups, ego traders! And of course, lots of adventures! A campaign or two!
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ringringlingling wrote:I
ringringlingling wrote:
I think maybe your publisher made their product a little too good, without much room for improvement.
The creators and publishers are the same people, we handle it all. We have plenty of Eclipse Phase to come. :)