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Smart Animals and DV?

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Smart Animals and DV?
With Transhuman out, clarifications have been made about the sizes of different morphs and how they affect the game. But the DV of some of the Smart Animals, particulary the Smart Cat and the Swarm Cat, seems a bit off. They're listed as 1d10+2, which seems a little high to me, especially considering that these are Small creatures. Should this be considered errata? Even with the modifiers from page 96 of Transhuman, these cats are dangerous! Wouldn't 1d10 divided by 2 be more accurate? Still quite painful to be scratched by that cat, but you won't loose limbs from it. :P -E.

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Swarm cats are not just cats,
Swarm cats are not just cats, they are genetic abominations who have to meet the barest minimum threshold of feline DNA. This is a min-maxed uber-cat. It might have claws designed for traction on steel bulkheads, in micro-gravity... while on fire!